You’ve probably heard these names before – Inbox and Gmail – and wondered, “What’s the difference between these two?” Those that tried them both may


  1. I use either Mailbox or the OEM app for my mail. I’ve tried Inbox and I’m not as impressed with it as I am with Mailbox. Too many taps to do simple things like delete and/or archive.

    I’ve found a nice replacement for both Gmail and Mailbox in Outlook. It encompasses some of the better elements of Gmail (I can set up all my accounts in one place), Mailbox and a dash of Inbox.

    Inbox in my opinion requires too much faffing and too many taps to do simple things like delete or read later.

  2. Errrr, I dont understand what you guys are talking about. Lol
    I guess using a blackberry saves me the stress of having to do any of these myself. All my mails are organised in different tabs/menus and I doubt it can get any better than this 🙂

  3. BlackBerry Hub in BB10 is the business. And email handling on BlackBerry is yet to be surpassed in my opinion. In particular, I find when email is archived or read on a BB, it syncs across devices, irrespective of os. I miss that.

  4. I use the default Xiaomi Mi email App on my Redmi and I must say I like their take on email agents,less cluttered than Gmail and better organized into folders based on respective clients..

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