Among all the mobile tech brands out there, only a few of them are turning in profit. It was on show during the last quarterly


Sony wants to respond to the smartphone bloodbath with these changes

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Among all the mobile tech brands out there, only a few of them are turning in profit. It was on show during the last quarterly financial reports. We saw the likes of Blackberry, Lenovo, Sony, HTC, Microsoft and others more, bleed money. This forced them to take steps to cutting jobs and restructuring.



In the case of Sony, they have posted losses consecutively in recent years. Let’s look at the few steps they’re taking to stay profitable.


For smartphones business

The last report quoted a loss of 60 billion yen for Sony’s smartphone business. This forced CEO, Kazuo Hirai to cut costs, and also dissolve the Sony PC division. There are positive sign with strong sales of video games and image sensors, but the smartphone business is yet to turn around.


Sony CEO hinted that the company might reconsider their making of phones to focus on alternative options.

“We will continue with the business as long as we are on track with the scenario of breaking even next year onwards,”

“Otherwise, we haven’t eliminated the consideration of alternative options.”

“I do have a feeling that a turnaround in our electronics business has shown progress. The result of three years of restructuring are starting to show,”

“But we still need to carry out restructuring in smartphones.”

“Restructuring of the mobile business is progressing as planned, and we are aiming to turn profitable in the next fiscal year. As of now, we have no plans to withdraw from the mobile business,”

Image Sensors to the rescue

If you’re observant, you’ll notice many phone makers currently use image sensors made by Sony. The venture has become profitable for them, hence they plan to make it an independent unit under the umbrella of Sony. The new firm would be called Sony Semiconductor Solutions and is slated to start operations by April 2016.


New Acquisitions

Probably in a bid to improve their camera technology, Sony has just acquired SoftKinetic. This is a Belgium startup that specializes on image sensors that capture in 3D. This will most likely be applied in the Playstation VR, and maybe phones too.

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  2. Sony’s design concept is in need of a serious overhaul,the same exact design for 3 years running ain’t helping matters and I believe a little bit improvement in the area of marketing is needed,one hardly ever sees an Xperia advert as compared to Samsung Galaxys..

  3. …. its a tough world out there. Everyone is cutting costs.

    sony’s mobile division loss isn’t news anyway. Their video game is like apple’s iphone. That’s the major profit generator that’s been constant over the years. Their waterproof phones aren’t turning things around as they should.

    Let’s hope the CEO gets things turned around.

  4. don’t think the Xperia line needs a design overhaul, it’s functional and elegant. change for change’s sake is rarely successful. for some reason SONY just can’t seem to translate their great devices into sales (and profits). as per advertising, no Android OEM comes anywhere. near Samsung in that regard

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