Here’s a sample of Ntel 4G speeds (Broadband Speedtest)

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While waiting for Ntel SIM cards to get into our hands, I stumbled upon a speedtest result of their 4G/LTE internet by an early tester, it seems. NTel claims to offer the most advanced 4G mobile network in Africa. The jury is out on that, but the speedtest results sure are impressive. Have a look:

Not half bad. The results are certainly better – much better – than I have seen on any other 4G/LTE provider in Nigeria till date.

ntel 4g speedtest

Of course, we can expect that real life speeds, once the service goes commercial and gets packed full of subscribers, will drop significantly. In the meantime, we wait for those SIM cards…


  1. Pretty impressive. I await the invite to pick up my reserved SIMS & wait a little bit longer for the network to get to my end in Ibadan. And also, hope for some reasonable pricing.

  2. Pls what is the model of the phone that was used for the speed test? I would be expecting your reply

  3. Hi Mr Mo. I believe this test was probably a post roll-out phase test, before commercial launch. hence, the network isn’t loaded and all pipes are open. I remember my former coy also tested all of Smile’s sites at this stage and the average speed was just over twice what you’ll obtain typically now (in a good radio environment). I doubt this speed will be sustained in a real-life scenario with many users.

  4. You people are easily impressed. I will be more impressed when, in the next six months, that kind of speed is something the majority of people get.

    Of course you’ll get great speeds if hardly anyone is using the network!

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