Here’s how to change your country and region on Windows Phone 8

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After reading the title of this post, you might ask, “Why would I need to change the country and region on my Windows Phone? Oh well, Let me explain. Microsoft offers Windows phone users localized apps and services. This means, when you open the Store in Nigeria, you might see different apps from someone in Spain or Germany. After learning that US is offered the best apps and services, I quickly switched there, and there, I met kind Lady Cortana 😎

Changing country and region is easy:

  • Simply go to settings and change your language and country settings to look like mine.

cortana 1

  • This prompts for a phone restart. Reboot and it’s done.
  • Now say hello to Cortana. cortana 3


Switching to a new country and region doesn’t change the other local settings on your device, like display language or your browser’s language. They will stay intact. Drop your comments if you experience any issues.

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