How to use Hoverwatch spy app for Android: A quick guide

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Using a spy app for parental supervision of children is harmless and often necessary in today’s world. This article walks you through using Hoverwatch spy app

With the availability of extensive use of the smartphone in today’s evolving world, various applications have been designed to spy on a cell phone. However, spying on a cell phone may be considered an act of breaching someone’s privacy. This doesn’t despise the fact that spy apps are the future generation of smartphone surveillance software.

Mobile tracker apps record all the incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS and surrounding. It tracks GPS locations, messages from applications like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and browser activities. This app is intended for legal purposes, for instance parental control. You are required to observe all applicable legislation in your country.

How Hoverwatch spy app works

hoverwatch spy app

Different spy apps use different terminology, but they all work the same way. First, you have to install the Hoverwatch app on the target phone, enter your licence key, then let the app run. After installing and configuring the software, the activities taking place on the monitored phone will be recorded.

The data logs will after that be sent to the spy company web servers via an internet connection. These data logs and reports will be presented and stored in your online dashboard. This is the platform that you can access all your reports. There is guaranteed data security, which you can only view by logging in and displaying it on your device.

Additionally, this dashboard allows you to download your reports, control target phone and manage your account settings including payment plans.

How to install Hoverwatch spy app on your phone

Mobile phone spy apps are not available on Google Play Store; therefore you will need to download them from their respective company websites. However, the installation process differs depending on the type of software and phone.

Before you install a spy app you need to do the following:

  • You should have access to the target device.
  • Ensure the app is compatible with the phone that you want to monitor.
  • Have an internet connection.

Installing the Hoverwatch spy app on Android phones

To achieve a successful installation of the spy app for android phones, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Under settings enable installation of apps from unknown sources
  • After that, copy paste the URL of the spy APK file on your web browser to download the Hoverwatch app
  • After it has been downloaded successfully, run the file and follow the guide displayed on the screen prompts to install the app
  • Finally,after installing the app open it and enter your activation code, you will be now set to monitor, track and control the mobile phone through a web-based portal.

What are the difficulties of installing the application on the phone?

Hoverwatch spy app on Android phones

Personally, I have experienced these problems. I came to realize this problem can be traced to the user and the software itself. However, the problem installation and set up is common, but it is usually easy to fix.

The programs are installed and configured the same way but with only a slight difference. The most fundamental thing to do to avoid these problems is to follow the instructions carefully. You need to relax and take your time nobody will penalize you. Some of these problems arise because of:

  • Corrupt APK file
  • Poor internet connection
  • Failure of the software to be compatible with the device
  • Some users fail to follow prompt instructions appearing on the screen
  • Some users use the outdated or unsupported browser

If you are a beginner choose a company with the best support team to guide you through the all process.

What are the features of the installed application?

Hoverwatch spy app on Android phones

Are you aggressive to find out if your employee or your child is abusing the phone? Hoverwatch spy app has features that will enable you to achieve this effect. The following are general features of the installed app:

  • Control panel

The active control panel is one of the most significant innovations that help you to view the screen in real time. Additionally, you will get notifications on commands such as play-siren and lock-device. The actual viewing of the screen device is updated every 90 seconds.

  • Messaging

This feature allows you to get both sent and received messages.You can follow up all conversation and know if the mobile phone is being abused.

  • GPS location log

This enables you to track location. If you are worried about your child’s location while you are away, this is a perfect solution for you.

Hoverwatch spy app on Android phones
  • Call registry

If you are interested to know who are making calls, then this feature will allow you to do that.You will be able to monitor phone numbers and the number of times of both incoming and outgoing calls.

  • URL log

This feature enables you to track all the activities being performed on the device while on the internet. You will be able to view visited website to ensure that the displayed content is clean and safe.

  • Photos

Through this, you will be able to know the kind of pictures contained in the gallery. Are they suggestive and dirty?

  • Email-log

It tracks all email activities and synchronized accounts on the internet which are attached to the respective email.

  • Social net-logs

This monitors activities of all social media platforms such as WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, etc

  • Alerts

It allows you to set up events that you want to be alerted about. It can be intrusion alert,geo-fence signal among others based on your own choice.

  • Application blocking

Several inappropriate apps have been developed. You can block any installation or monitor activities of such apps.

A story about using a spyware application

Hoverwatch spy app on Android phones

I always thought I was protected from intrusions of spyware until this day when my computer’s screen turned blue, and a prompt message indicated that I had been infected with spyware.

Naturally, I was tensed up, and I didn’t know what to do. I first chose to unplug my internet cable. After that,I decided to run my anti-spyware software. The results were shocking, I found 87 Instances of spyware, but I was not able to remove all. I decided to take my PC to our local technician for further diagnosis.

Conclusions and results

If you are interested in spying, go for an app that is easy to use and has a more secure system. People have varied reasons of spying someone’s activities but be cautioned. Your intentions should be valid and in line with the laws. Using a spy app for parental supervision of children is harmless.

“Home use is interpreted differently from supervision at the workplace. The latter is a complex area that requires careful observation of the law and the consent of the employee, cannot be considered as the key to solving all problems.”

Exploitative use of these applications will be considered illegal. Therefore, let us use this technological innovation responsibly.

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