Okay. So I don’t usually do this kind of post but it is the weekend so you can excuse me. Recently, I started to incorporate

How apps got me abs

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apps for abs

Okay. So I don’t usually do this kind of post but it is the weekend so you can excuse me. Recently, I started to incorporate a workout into my daily schedule. As a result, I make sure that I work out at least 20-30 minutes daily. With how busy a typical day can be, creating a dedicated workout time is something that is difficult to start or maintain, whichever the case may be.

I decided to wing it and hit the Google PlayStore to check out which (free) app can help keep me in shape. I installed several before I eventually installed Cardio Workout which I currently use.

Cardio Workout is a workout app that instructs you via video so you actually see how you are supposed to do the current workout. It doesn’t stream the video because it is part of the installation.

Okay, so maybe I may be exaggerating here about the app giving me abs but I have been training with it practically almost everyday for the past two months. You too can start doing this irrespective of the platform that you use. It is all a matter of searching for the right workout app that suits your need. For me, it’s Cardio Workout.

If you use Android, you can grab Cardio Workout in the Play Store, for other platforms you can do a Google and/or respective market search. The grid was added using Photo Grid and a custom filter added with Instagram all on Android (you can add your opinion on what you do with mobile technology here).

And yeah, you can compliment me on how great my abs are. Have a happy weekend, Cheers!


  1. E-mmagine! Here is one of the few people who REALLY makesuse of his device.

    Rather than pretentiously clutching a smartphone that is hardly ever put through its pace, we have a fella here who is getting his money.s worth from his device.

    Ate you USING that smartphone?

    AttaBoy, Emmanuel!

  2. I’ve also been using this app lazily, it’s fantastic, I can’t yet post my pictures like Emman, I hope I will someday, I’ll sit up. Nice weekend.

  3. Hmmm, I hope these pictures don’t come back to haunt you several years down the line.

    I’m not entirely convinced with the abs. Your chest still resemble sim. A before and after picture would have being more convincing.

  4. @Eye.Bee.Kay Thanks, it’s a tool and it should be used to it’s full potential.

    @Keweno – Didn’t think that i was going to use the app when i installed it. I would have taken the before picture and i hope it does not hunt me either 🙂

  5. Emmanuel,

    Great article showcasing how mobile can help an individual achieve his goals.

    I have been working out for a little over a year now. One of my objectives is to get rid of the slight bulge in my abdomen. I have had some success, but will like to see it disappear totally.

    After reading this article yesterday, I downloaded “Ab Workouts Lite” on my BlackBerry and intend to use it to get better results – and maybe have some packs to show for it.

    I’ll go take a pic of me now, just so I can show off later!!!!

    Thumbs up.

  6. Emmanuel dearie, between you and Chuks, y’all wanna give me a cardiac arrest – I can only take so much of manly chests on Mobility! This post should come with a warning…all those chests…

    *Composes self* another app I found pretty useful on Google Play is Sit Ups by RITTR Labs. If you don’t mind challenging yourself and are self-motivated, this is a brilliant app and does achieve the objective.

    (off to lie down and recover).

  7. surest way to get that bulge off, is to that a deep breath and just let some off and hold the reminder for as long as u wanna fool people

  8. Abd? Been chasing em for eons *takes another look at pictures*. I daresay u still have plenty of decades ahead with that app..lmao

  9. A smartphone doubling as a companion, personal assistant, lecturer, gymn instuctor….. even a multi-tasking tool in bed

    Goodness Gracious!!

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