How Are South Africans Using Their Mobile Phones?

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It is no longer news that the mobile phone is a multi-functional device. Mobile phone users all over the world are doing much more with their phones than just making phone calls. To them, the mobile device has become an indispensable part of their everyday lives.

The question however is, ‘How are South Africans using their mobile phones?’

To give us an idea, we refer to a study carried out by a Johannesburg-based research company Synovate.

According to the study, 84% of South Africans say they simply cannot live without their mobile phones and that they use them for all kinds of things. Nothing new there. The question is, what are those things and in what proportions are they used?

Here are key points from the study:
• 87 percent use the alarm-clock function.
• 82 percent use their phone cameras to snap pictures.
• 66 percent listen to or download music on their phones.
• 71 percent play games on their phones.
• 46 percent use their phones for internet browsing.
• 47 percent watch video clips on their phones.

Now that you have an idea, we would love to hear from you. How are you using your mobile phone?

The information above was lifted from the Y’ello magazine, a quarterly magazine published by MTN South Africa.


  1. Some insight there, but there is no way of knowing the category of phones involved, that is, smartphones, feature phones and feature phones.

    I think the report needs a little bit of categorization to give a better picture of mobile phone use pattern in South Africa.

  2. i use my phone basically for office functions (download pdf/MS files,view/edit where necessary),emails… internet on the go,watch video clips,alarm clock,multimedia viewing/sharing(take pictures and viideos)… listen to music but dont download.. play chess and pool

  3. My phone is like a companion to me and here are some of its uses

    1. Alarm in the morning
    2. News in the morning through bookmarked web pages The Nation and Vanguard has mobile site
    3. Daily devotional by Bishop David Abioye, Devotion by Kenneth E Hagin
    4. Download and Listening to Podcast
    5. Ebook reader
    6. Facebook
    7. News on the go through twitter
    8. Staying in contact through pinging
    And many more

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