How is it possible? Zero followers, Zero following, 65,000 tweets

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A handle that I wasn’t familiar with retweeted a tweet of mine a few minutes ago, and I checked it up out of habit. Here is what I saw:

zero followers twitter

My first reaction was, How is this even possible? Zero followers; zero following; but over 65,000 tweets!! How is it possible to have posted 65,000 tweets while following no-one and being followed by no-one? Then it got worse. The section below the profile stated:

“Followed by Tunde, GEMINI THOMAS, Akin Akintayo and 11 others.”

Err. Surely, that is at least 14 followers, though the statistics summary says zero followers.

Just to be sure, I checked the same profile on mobile, and got the same statistics. Zero followers and zero following. Another Twitter bug?


  1. Evidently, it must be a Twitter Bug.

    If you follow nobody like the Pope, and nobody follows you, how do you get the motivation to post 65K tweets, knowing nobody is reading.? Soliloquy at its greatest?

  2. # just wondering..

    Is it not extremely strange that a man with just 973 tweets has 8,193,527 and follows nobody himself? .

    Imagine so many people waiting for a man to speak, but the man being so reticent. Hmm.


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