How to change font for Android without using an app

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If you would like to change the font for your Android smartphone without using an app to do so, it can be done. You are also likely to be an adventurous person who loves to tinker. Follow the steps below to change the font of your Android phone.

How to change font for Android without using an app

1.) First your phone must be rooted, and if possible have a backup in case something goes wrong.

2.) Get a .ttf font file you would love to use. Be careful of sources you get fonts from, and be sure it’s not a corrupted file.

3.) Use Es File Explorer for this procedure, or any other File Explorer that has root access.

4.) Navigate, with your file explorer to root/system/fonts. You will see Roboto-Regular.ttf right there.

How to change font for Android without using an app
5.) Now, this is your original font, so add .bak to it so it can be saved as a backup. That is, Roboto-Regular.ttf becomes Roboto-Regular.ttf.bak

6.) Rename your fresh .ttf file to Roboto-Regular.ttf

7.) Now pick up your new font you’ve already renamed to Roboto-Regular.ttf, copy it to the fonts folder.

8.) Exit and Reboot your phone. To enjoy the new fonts.


  • If the Explorer asks for read/write permissions, allow it for easy renaming and
    copying of the font files.
  • Make sure you’re backed up before playing with fonts. Mobility cannot be held responsible if you brick your device.
  • For more info on Android fonts, read this previous post on Fonts, and Font Apps.

Now you know how to change font for Android without the need for an app.

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