So, you have grand dreams of changing the world in some way? You want to be that awesome developer who churns out cool stuff that

How to change the world

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So, you have grand dreams of changing the world in some way? You want to be that awesome developer who churns out cool stuff that millions will use and love? Or you want to employ thousands and contribute to the development of the economy? Perhaps all you just want to do is run a charity to feed, clothe and house the poor? Great. Excellent ambitions. Now, I need you to listen very carefully to this one step – just one thing that you need to do – to be able to accomplish those goals. Just one. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If anyone disagrees with the tip that I want to give you here, such a person is naive and has no ideas what they are talking about, or that person hates you and does not want you to succeed. Are you getting me? I know it sounds a bit arrogant to talk this way, but who cares? If you really, really want to change the world, this is the only article you need ever read, so long as you take to heart what I have to say here. I guarantee you that.


I need to build you a foundation of sorts first, so please bear with me. No; don’t bear; follow every line with excitement. Let’s start with some fiction. Tony Stark AKA Iron Man is one of my favourite comic book and movie characters. That guy does things that changes the course of events on the planet. Technology is his tool. The Iron Man suit is a product of his technological passion and prowess. So, you think that’s all you need too – passion & prowess? Knock yourself in the head now. Do it. I had to do it too, so I’m not asking you to do what I haven’t done. Go ahead: knock yourself in the head. It helps you remember the lesson.

Let’s come to real life. There was Mother Theresa who fed and took care of millions of poor people. She had a passion and a love for people, and she went right ahead to take care of them. But if you are thinking that all she needed was passion and love, you need another knock in the head. Go ahead: do it. Done? Good. That makes two hard knocks. I assure you that you will not forget this lesson.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are individuals who have changed the way we do things on this planet. These two have contributed in no small measure to transforming this world into a digital planet. Of course, there are others – the Berners Lee, the guys behind Mozilla, the guys behind Google, the guys behind broadband technology, mobile phones, television, etc. The list is long. They had passion. They had skills. But if you think that was all they needed to turn this planet on its head as they have, you need a third knock on the head. Your head might start to actually throb at this point, and I am hoping that you have already learnt half the lesson by the previous paragraph and so do not need to knock yourself anymore. However, if you haven’t, please do the honours and knock that head the third time. Now. It hurts? Great. Repetition is a key part of eduction, even if it is a repetition of knocks. Pele.

If you want to change the world or achieve anything significant in this world, you need lots of money. M-O-N-E-Y. you see, the one step that you need to change the world is to get money. Honest. I am not a money lover. Money doesn’t drive me. I actually live a very spartan and simple life. I hardly spend on myself. But it is clear to me that if anyone wants to change the world, this is the game-changer.

Two Ways to get The Money You Need

There are two ways to get the money that you need to change the world:

(1) make it; or
(2) build a community of people who will spend their money on you because they believe in you.

You can make a lot of money and become personally rich. You can also actually make a lot of money and use most of it for others. But making money is the first option. You do not have to be personally rich to have lots of money at your disposal. If you are not personally rich or do not follow the path of making money, the way to do it is to be surrounded by people who make money and who can trust you with their money. Think of Jesus while he was here on earth. He had next to nothing himself, but was surrounded by women who took care of the expenses of himself and his team of disciples. Jesus wasn’t personally rich, but he had no lack.

PS: for those of you Christians who have a problem with a man being surrounded by women, check your Bible: your Lord and Saviour was one. As a matter of fact, some of the controversies surrounding him today are because of how close he was to some of those women. My kind of person – one who doesn’t shy away from controversy. He couldn’t have been as stupid as some Christians think any man is who has women around him. Yes; the Lord and Saviour himself. Oh; I didn’t just say that! I know: I love looking for trouble. It is my middle name after all. You do know that I am saying this because I have women around me; don’t you? You didn’t? Oooops! End of interlude.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. To change the world, you either (1) make a lot of money or (2) build a community of people who will spend their money on you because they believe in you. End of. Those are the only two legal and moral ways that I know to go about it. Pick which works better for you. But there is no one, no business, no race, no nation, that has ever turned things around without lots of that stuff (or the equivalent of it in their time). Mother Theresa had funding from those who believed in her. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs made the money that they needed. But all of them needed money, knew that they did, and used either of the means that I listed above to get it. Without money, their dreams were dead, as are yours. Gani Fawehinmi wasn’t without financial resources. Flying around the country and organising campaigns cost money. We hail democracy as a heaven-sent form of government. By default, democracy is an expensive form of government, and if you want to change Nigeria via politics, you need lots of money. No; its not in Nigeria alone. Ask how much presidential and gubernatorial candidates in the United States spend on campaigns to get into office.

I also pity the young set of entrepreneurs – especially our techies and developers – who are told every day that making money is not the issue. I am sorry, but if you have chosen the path of business, making money is the issue. Any business that isn’t making money becomes history. Be sure to make lots of it. If you do not find a way to sell your products and services for sustainable income, you are wasting your time. You can pack it up and go take up charity work. And even if you choose to leave entrepreneurship to pursue charitable causes, you will still run into that need for money. If you are not going the money making route, you know what to do – take the Jesus/Mother Theresa route and get others to entrust you with their money.

Listen very carefully. I shall say this only one more time: if you want to change the world, in addition to your passion, you need money. Lots of it. Make the money that you need, or raise it and be a trustee of it. If you knocked yourself in the head a couple of times earlier while reading this article, chances are you won’t forget this lesson. And if you still do not get it after reading this article, you deserve more than a knock in the head.


  1. Errm… I must be honest that I didn’t knock myself hehehe…. But I’ve learnt the lessons and I understand every paragraph very very well.

    My people in the southwest would always say ” owo ni keke eyin rere” ( Money is the backbone of every good cause”

    … And for me, love of money is not the only root of all evils. Lack of it can also be tempting.

    I’m off to make some coooool cash before the day runs out…. 😀

  2. sure, the lack of money is the root of all evil.

    even the holy book says that money answers all questions.

    it is also said that ideas rule the world. but then-implementing those ideas
    takes money.

    beyond money though, you can also change the world by leaving your footprints indelibly in the sands of time- 🙂 …

    by being scrupulously honest in all dealings, and obeying that exhortation that says, treat others as you want them to treat you.

    those two are worth their weights in gold, and living by those tenets would surely change the world, to a good extent.

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