How To Get Tablet Apps for your Android Tablet

If you own or use an Android Tablet and have installed 3rd party apps on it, you must know by now that there are not many apps or applications that were specially made for tablets available. What you get are phone applications that just stretch to fill the screen as opposed to an application that supports tablet mode which takes advantage of the extra screen estate. So, after a frustrating and somewhat thrilling journey to find apps for my Galaxy Note 10.1, I came across alternative means of getting beloved apps that support tablet mode for full screen app pleasure and usability.

Here they are:

Tablified Market HD


Tablified Market HD has turned out to be my one-stop destination for finding tablet apps to install. The application is designed to specifically list Android apps that utilize the large screen of your tablet. Note that not all your favourite applications have tablet versions however and amongst them are the official Facebook and Twitter apps which just stretch to fit the screen.

Tablified Market HD categorizes the app sections so that you can find apps faster and easier much like the Google Play Store. This is surely a recommended app if you own an Android Tablet.

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Manual Searching

The other method that I use to get Tablet compatible apps for my device is the old-fashioned way of searching. You can go a step closer and add ‘tablet’ to your search query when searching for certain applications in Play Store.


The screenshot above is of a search query on the Google Play Store of Tablet apps. You can see that it brings results of applications that have ‘tablet’ in their name so you know that these apps were specially designed for Android Tablets.

These are the two ways that I get applications that make good use of the screen estate that my tablet provides. If you also have an Android tablet how do you go about getting applications for it? Do share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

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