How to stop losing your phone contacts

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Almost every week, someone tells me the story of how they lost their mobile phone, or how their smartphone was stolen and so they lost all their phone contacts. This is 2014, people, and you should not be losing your phone contacts simply because you replaced your phone. Technology that takes care of this has been around for years. Almost all modern smartphones come with this technology built-in that lets you synchronise your contacts via either Google or Microsoft.

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  1. You need a Google or Microsoft account (Hotmail or Outlook), and you can have your contacts seamlessly synchronised online.
  2. Every time you switch phones, you simply set up your Google or Microsoft account on your new phone and your contacts show up there.

What to do? Read this how-to article: How to switch to a new phone without losing your Contacts


  1. Not everyone is tech-savvy. My momma still has important contacts in a diary… Handwritten and constantly updated. The day I exported her contacts via .csv file and imported within seconds on another device I could have sworn she was on the verge of accusing me of Geekery (electronic witchcraft).

    I’ve my contacts backed up to my yahoo and Gmail account. Always a breeze restoring it from yahoo mail (my primary box)

  2. Good one mr mo,
    I don’t do mtn or glo back up. Google, Microsoft and yahoo back up all my contacts…
    Even i lost or misplace my phone am not worried about the contacts…

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