How to Tie a Tie Android app

app howtotieOne of the most surprising apps I have ever downloaded on my tablet is “How to Tie a Tie”. Sincerely, I did not perform an intentional search for this app, but I was very surprised to come by such an app on the Android market.

How to Tie a Tie, just as its name suggests, is an app that teaches you how to tie a tie. So, there’s no more excuse for those adults who still don’t know how to knot a tie and have an Android phone. If you already know how to tie your ties, perhaps you can learn more styles too.

How to Tie a Tie comes with step-by-step instuctions for knotting 13 different styles, including:

  • Atlantic
  • Bowtie
  • Diagonal
  • Four-in-hand
  • Half Windsor
  • Kelvin;
  • Oriental;
  • Persian
  • Plattsburg
  • Pratt
  • Simple Double
  • St. Andrew
  • Windsor

One of the reasons why I love this app is it’s pictorial instructions. Instead of just telling you to flip your tie backwards; it tells you and displays a corresponding picture. This helps to reduce confusion while learning and also increases the user’s chances of understanding.

Another advantage of this app is the fact that you can learn new styles of knotting a tie in addition to the ones you know. A number of my friends have benefited from this app already. Try it out and you’ll love it.

How to Tie a Tie also has an iOS version. How to Tie a Tie is available free of charge on the android market and also has a Pro Version which costs $2.99. The Pro version comes with more styles including

  • Bowtie#2;
  • Cavendish;
  • Grantchester;
  • Manhattan.

Free Version | Pro Version

  1. Incredible!

    All we now need is an app to ‘tie gele’ (headgear worn by women). I know many women That would really benefit from such an app…

  2. I’ve used similar app on my Sony Ericsson java phone in the past and never bothered to download this app the numerous times I saw it in the Android market.

    Well this review has stirred something in me and I am going to give it a try. I just might need it some day.

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