How do I put this? I do not have statistics for the rest of the world, but I do know that in my experience here

How Usable Is GPRS/EDGE For You?

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How do I put this?

I do not have statistics for the rest of the world, but I do know that in my experience here in Nigeria, using GPRS/EDGE for almost anything is a painful experience.

In my opinion, the least internet capability of any device that you want to use for web browsing, social networking and/or instant messaging should be 3G. Add 3.5G/HSDPA and that’s even better.

But my experience is just that. Can everyone share their experiences and point out the following:

Have you used GPRS/EDGE exclusively on any device?

What device was that?

Where? Your location.

How stable was it?

How usable in terms of speed?

Would you recommend a GPRS/EDGE only device to someone looking to get online via mobile?

Any other info welcome. The more the details you provide, the better. Thanks all!


  1. I use edge and i’ve come to live with it. On my former 2730 n now Nokia C5, i usually switch 3G off cos its quite unstable here in Ibadan except in a few places. I move around a lot, so keeping 3G on would distrupt my browsing while the phone switches from GSM to UMTS and back. Battery life suffers too, u know.

    Glo’s EDGE is decent for my web browsing, push email and instant messaging. Opening the mobility blog takes a max of 5secs on an average speed of 8-10kbps. Downloads are max at around 20-24kbps on EDGE.
    I’ve also learnt & mastered some good 3G/3.5G spots, so i reserve large downloads, uploads, video streams n heavy browsing till i’m at either of this places.

    Recommending a GPRS/EDGE only device is a hard choice for me. 3G speeds is so overwhelming that i would want stick to a plain GPRS/EDGE device.

  2. Yes I used edge exclusively
    I use a Nokia E71, n97, 6220C, C2-0
    Stability depends on the network: MTN is totally stable, Etisalat is very stable until it rains, Glo is stable but cellular reception drops where I am
    MTN: 18kbps, Etisalat: 33kbps, Glo:27kbps.
    I would recommend it to anyone around me.

    I live in an area where MTN and glo both offer 3G services. And they are both fast enough. But for me 3G is only useful for video and music downloads and maybe PC browsing. I use opera mini for my browsing, nokia messaging and gravity for tweeting. And for these purposes I find edge more than capable to handle it, using 3G is just asking for my battery to give up on me before 4pm.

  3. I love his post; you just spoke my mind. I can only use GPRS/EDGE for mobile browsing on my phone, when I’m just checking out a few pages on the goal. For the real deal surfing with my laptop it’s 3G/3.5G (HSDPA) or nothing else.

    Since network signals vary greatly according to location i usually set my phone to dual mode (picks either EDGE or 3G signal depending on availability and strength); but my laptop modem is permanently on “Only 3G” status.

  4. Apart from data_intensive activities like voIP and video streaming, gprs/edge suffices- for me.

    Server-assisted browsers (like uc Mobile) make life a lot easy. Pages open in max 5 secs. That is good enough. Tethering (pc/laptop) would -of course benefit from something better than gprs/edge.

    have found that GPRS/EDGE is generally more stable. !t Consumes less battery power too.

    For ON_phone use, i stick almost permanently to That mode..

    When Gzlo was going through a schizophrenic seizure ,in my neck of woods, gprs mode was almost always available, even if slow

  5. Location: Okota, Lagos.
    Present device: 3G Android device

    I used GPRS only device up till March this year, though I also had a universal 3G modem for serious browsing or downloading.

    With Opera mini browser, GPRS was definitely usable and I had even downloaded a file what worth about 79MB.

    When I got my present 3G device, I used it exclusively on EDGE for the first 5 months because I couldn’t get Glo to activate my line for internet services up till that time.

    EDGE was a huge improvement on GPRS and so I enjoyed the relatively stable connection offered by Etisalat – the most stable in my area in my opinion.

    When my Glo line was eventually activated for internet services, I switched to Glo right away and have being enjoying 3G services ever since. Glo has not been stable on 3G though, but the last 2 weeks had seen some improvement. Glo’s 3G connection is so fast when it is working that switching back to EDGE when there 3G services is down is so painful. Having known the huge difference between 3G speed and EDGE on Glo network, I cannot now start any file download that is heavier than 5MB.

    Just yesterday I exhausted my plan and switched to glosecure APN for my free data and realized that the intermittent connection is back or rather has increased. Could it be it has something to do with the APN/plan in use? Maybe I would be able to answer that question soon.

    While I was using Etisalat, their EDGE speed peaks at about 130kb/s while the average speed would be around 90Kb/s. I never bothered checking Glo EDGE connection speed but I have seen a maximum of 2.1Mb/s but the average speed is around 700Kb/s

  6. my edge signal is fast.a speed test result gave me 5.2mbps at best,using etisalat at a particular cell site location in kaduna metropolis. This device is the crazy breezy techno T8.opera mini canbe slow sometimes,i then switch to QQbrowserMini ,much faster than opera or ucweb.desktop mode of mobility site opens average 7secs

  7. Some confusion there in my last comment. The recorded speeds for Glo connection is strictly on 3G.

  8. 90 percent of my browsing this year has been on etisalat and they don’t have 3g in my location. Even when I’m on mtn I use edge predominantly. I use operamini and sometimes UC browser so no need for 3G. And I chat For hours on end. Switching on 3G wouldn’t help.

  9. GPRS/EDGE to my mind are outdated technology pushed to the third world. They are very slow and time consuming and at time frustrating. The GSM operators are not also helping the matter most of the have 3G covering few states and few areas.
    Presently I stay in Abesan Estate Ipaja the prevalent service here is GPRS/EDGE. Etisalat has the highest frequency of 3G, follow by Glo and MTN. GPRS/EDGE is the most stable and that is what I used

  10. Currently am on E5, i use etibaba’s edge, its fast but recently it went off for 5 days *during which only 3g was active*.
    I use edge for normal browsing 3g for heavy downloads and when using my phone as a wireless hotspot for my laptop…

  11. Have been oon edge all day…and have not had reason to switch to 3G so edge actually works for most people on phone!

  12. Usually on edge save i need to download stuffs. I use a Nokia E72 mainly. Glo’s network cn be so unstable around my area in Lagos but when it works, its a ragin bull, the rest are ok with Airtel comin in last (max speed so far is 11kb/s no 3G yet)…. MTN prob wears d crown with me

  13. Device : Galaxy S2
    location: Surulere/ Apapa
    Edge : very stable on MTN/Etisalat/airtel (only when available on glo)

    woowww.. if i was told edge was this popular by choice i would have denied it. With all its benefits laid out. i used to seek 3g every where i go and would quickly change networks once identified. However, glo’s unending data connection problem for the past three months or so has gotten edge to humble me. i realised all the above mentioned advantages sticking to edge(not only on glo). Though not as fast as 3g, much more stable and very energy efficient (esp for us on android). With UC browser and opera mini, you wont feel left out on the browsing speed over 3g with stock browser. I now only get particular about 3g when i need to download content with sives from 3mb & above. i also had to make some hard choices on app usage. for example, i had to switch yahoo msg app for ebuddy. yahoo msg is not as effective on edge as ebuddy.

    I will not recommend an edge/gprs only device for anyone. You will definitely need that 3g/HSPA some day. YouTube for example.

    i also noticed one deceit by MTN. While your indicator shows you are connected to their 3g (even H+), the actual speed is less than while other networks are on edge.

    This one is for Yomi. I was surprised we didnt have any mention of the 10 paid apps (@ $0.90 each) per day for ten days being offered by the android market in celebration of their 10 billionth app download. I think its newsworthy so guys can get all the juicy apps at rock bottom prices. Unfortunately, it ends today

  14. location- okota, isolo. Lagos
    device- nokia E6(symbian Anna)

    i cant recommend edge to anyone when we have network
    dat offer 3.5G. Edge/gprs is frustrating here in naija.
    Just switch to etisalat and its very stable than Glo,..
    Since i switch my phone has nt show ……
    conn. unavailable
    conn. fail
    but when am using glo, glo unstablity slows my phone…
    At least we have one service dat is stable…
    Bye bye glo welcome to eti baba…easyblaze….

    Still waiting 4 etisalat 2 join d dstv family……

  15. SA, Pretoria North.

    Using Vodacom GPRS/EDGE on the BB 8520 which isn’t 3G enabled phone.

    In terms of speed, GPRS/EDGE is more than acceptable and I’ll gladly recommend it.

    Compared to Nigeria, GPRS/EDGE is faster, smoother and more stable.

  16. (
    @Tornado….Just switch to etisalat and its very stable than Glo,..

    In my Egbeda area, Etisalat is the least stable of all the networks – both data and voice.

    When i read about the lightning fast EasyBlaze, i just salivate- for NOTHING..

  17. My device doesn’t have 3G functionality so I basically stuck with EDGE which I really don’t have complaints about. I’m on Etisalat’s BIS network so I’m guaranteed of decent speeds in Benin that suits my daily internet needs. With it, I stream live radio stations for hours on end with out it breaking, with opera mini and UC web, I can access my favorite websites. It may be slow sometimes but its some thing I can live with. I only crave for 3G when I want to do some serious downloads but apart from this EDGE works fine for me but of course I’m most definitely going to upgrade my device to one that is 3G enabled. 😉

  18. @E.K.B thanks, mr mobility says alot about eazybraze and i feel he was paid 4 advatising easyblaze……
    But just subscribe 2 1000 (200mb) and 3.5G appear and i was happy 4 i paid 4…. Plus d 15% added……
    I recommend easyblaze 4 u
    faster, stable, reliable, no compromise..

  19. using edge on tecno t9 for glo/etisalat and never wit mtn
    lafia, operamini is good except when the networks are low

  20. Hey folks, I noticed my Glo recharge bonus data has disappeared since some 2 days now even after loading a couple 500 recharge cards. Am I the only one experiencing this or the honeymoon is finally over ? Thanks in anticipation…

  21. The honeymoon was never real.

    The whole thing was too haphazard to last.

    Even the 25mb_fere/N500 and 50mb_free/N1000 does not work on all GLO lines…

    The free data has a way of fizzling out before it has been fully consumed,. You will realize this only after your credit has bern totally depleted.
    I do not bother anymore. I load my N1,000, and make do with the ‘normal’ 200mb. It is safer for me!

    The otheralternative is load credit, then transfer the credit to another line immediately. Then enjoy the free data (if you are one of the lucky ones for which it works.)

  22. Thanks, if the honeymoon is really over then I guess it’s time to say “it was fun while it lasted” I enjoyed mine oo though I’m still subscribed to the 6gb data bundle for N8. I used the free data strictly for tethering, I downloaded enough current movies I could go to jail for piracy. Lol.. I guess it’s time to delete the glosecure access point from my phone.Cheers.

  23. I had this experience when N480 or thereabouts was reduced to mere N40 before I realized what was happening. I also observed that I was unable to check my credit balance through the use of the USSD code #124#. I used the interactive voice code instead and I immediately told myself that it is time to try Etisalat Easyblaze.

    I’m commenting now with Etisalat line.

  24. pls i need android phone, pls guys advise me on d one 2 go 4 btw htc,samsung,sonyericson,..
    Budget 35-40k…

    For glo bonus data is never throug on my smartphone, it works well on javaphones,…..

    Here is another trick u connect wit glo mms apn settings if u hav it on ur phone,…


  25. Device : E5
    Location : Satellite Town, Lagos.
    I barely feel the difference between my Glo’s Edge and 3g except when downloading very large files…and i hardly do dat cos i’m just limited to 200mb only. So my Edge works very fine for me. Airtel’s Edge network is superfast too….infact its the fastest in my area. I do watch youtube videos on my fone with it without it even breaking. Etisalat is not so stable, becomes worse when it rains….and as for mtn, i’ve kicked their A@# into OBLIVION! Good Riddiance to rubbish!
    Overall, Edge works for me and i use it 24/7 most times i even forget my phone is a 3g device. And it helps my battery too 😉

  26. In Sapele using iPhone 4, one wouldn’t want to use a gprs. Not when so many things depend on what you are doing. Am amazed reading all the stuff written above.

    We here must be living in a different country. GPRS is never faster than 7 – 8 kb/s for downloads here on ALL the networks. On a lucky day, we get about 10 – 12kb/s peak. We go around armed with download accelerators all the time.

    Few months ago Glo came to our rescue with 3.5G. It was to be a very brief moment. We were getting a download speed of 300kb/s average. Glo has as usual started its epilepsy and we are back to our “normal” edge/gprs and 7kb/s speed.

    You are all invited to Sapele to have a taste of the “very delicious” Internet snail, spiced and grilled

  27. I practically use EGDE on my iPhone 4, considering the battery life of the iphone, EDGE saves battery life as compared to 3G, and then in my house, I don’t get stable 3G on glo’s network except I move to the balcony, I wouldnt want to spend my whole day on the balcony cos of 3G, moreover my iPhone uses the gevey sim and it tends to loose signal most times when connected to 3G, so I’d say EDGE is pretty good, though when I’m at the office I switch to 3G where it is more stable.

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