HP is in trouble too!! Sacks 30,000 and splits into two units.

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More trouble mounts for companies in the tech space. We’ve heard of the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo and even Microsoft shedding blood. They’re making huge changes, sacking staff to cut costs all in the name of remaining profitable. It’s a cold world indeed.


HP has just joined the list of bleeding firms. Reports from Recode says that in a big restructuring plan, HP is sacking over 30,000 of their staff. To save costs, they also plan to retain more staff only in countries where cost of labor is cheaper.

That’s not all. The PC maker is also splitting into two divisions: HP Inc. to focus on the PC and printing business, and HP Enterprise, focusing on corporate computing, software and services.


  1. Not surprising. With the world increasingly going paperless, and the desktop losing the battle to mobile devices, HP is bound to be under Ras Kimono

  2. But hasn’t HP been in trouble in one form or another for a number of years? This is not a surprise at all, I’m just wondering what took so long.

  3. what’s surprising is the person who got HP into this mess, Carly Fiorina, is now one of Presidential candidate hopefuls of the Republican Party

  4. Tough times everywhere. Not only the tech world. Fashion, banking, conglomerates…everyone is trying to save as much cost as they can. Profits are dwindling and the ogas at the top have boards and investors to answer to.

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