HTC gives a brand new M8 to the owner of a burnt Samsung Galaxy S4

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You might not always hear about this but smartphones getting over heated and eventually catching fire isn’t rare.

Its unfortunate that the company always involved in the cases I’ve heard and seen has been Samsung, and on two occasions it has been the S4 model. One of the victims who reported a case of his Galaxy S4 which got burnt over night due to over heating while it was charging about a month ago came out to complain again about the lack of support Samsung has offered him ever since he reported the incident to them.

Samsung promised to give him new S4 but that never happened .The Redditor, TweektheGeek got a response he never expected from a product manager at HTC. They offered him a brand new HTC One (M8) for his burnt Galaxy S4 and the only thing they asked in return was a promise from the Reddit user that, if Samsung ever sent him a replacement in the future, he should auction the phone and donate the money to a charity organization.

This simple gesture might not seem like a big deal, but HTC has already started winning the hearts of people all over the internet. Someone even dropped a comment on how the story just made him change his mind from waiting to buy the upcoming iPhone 6 and now his heading the HTC way, pretty amazing.


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  1. Good marketing ploy from HTC, but they should do more about the internals and performance of their devices and of course features. Samsung keep doing more in the latter which seems to me a better marketing strategy. If Samsung flagship devices keep outperforming theirs in the battery department and camera, I doubt this idea of passing themselves off as some charity organization will be able to put them back where they were before Samsung usurped the crown from them.

  2. Microsoft/Nokia do something similar a few months ago?

    They used this cafe as a front,and gifted a new Lumia (and Surface) to some iPhone users using the cafe whose phones had cracked screens. There’s a video of it on Youtube somewhere.

    Good on HTC. If there’s one thing I have heard a lot about is Samsung’s poor customer service. If you get a good deal from them, be thankful.

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