It looks like smartphone giant, Huawei, is finally awake in Africa’s largest mobile market and are set to do battle against TECNO in Nigeria. But

Huawei is awake again and looking to topple TECNO in Nigeria

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It looks like smartphone giant, Huawei, is finally awake in Africa’s largest mobile market and are set to do battle against TECNO in Nigeria. But is Huawei Mobile Nigeria really back?

In the last two months, there has been a resurgence in the marketing of Huawei smartphones in the country. There has been some buzz around the Y series – Y5 Prime 2018, Y6 Prime 2018, and Y7 Prime 2018. And most recently, we have seen the launch of the Huawei Y9 2019. And we must not forget the nova 3i as well (which is same as the Huawei P Smart+).

Before the recent flurry of activities, when was the last time you heard of a proper Huawei smartphone launch in the country? Aha! Ages ago; right? This morning, I had a discussion with Wale Oladipupo of TechCity on this subject.

Huawei Mobile Nigeria in recent years

Huawei became the 3rd largest smartphone brand in the world some years ago and recently took the 2nd spot from Apple. The brand makes great smartphones. The best camera phone in the world right now is a Huawei. But for some reason, they have barely made a splash in Nigeria.

Year after year, I have written about this mindboggling phenomenon (see 2014, and 2013) and year after year, the brand would pull off a flash-in-the-pan and then go to sleep for another season.

Finally, Huawei shut down its mobile unit in Nigeria recently. It looked like they had given up and abandoned ship. But now it looks like what they actually did was execute a complete overhaul of the team.

The new Huawei Mobile Nigeria team has been vibrant and they apoear to be doing the right things to build mindshare for the brand.

Huawei Mobile Nigeria goes up against TECNO in Nigeria

Huawei versus TECNO in Nigeria

Because TECNO (along with Infinix and itel) is the dominant smartphone brand in Africa’s largest mobile market right now, it makes sense to see Huawei go after that brand.

It doesnt have to be explicitly said. Every contender is gunning to eat the current champion’s lunch. Said or not, Huawei must be looking to upturn the hold of TECNO in Nigeria.

Of course, Huawei Mobile Nigeria stands no chance in the sub-$100 category. Those are phones below N37,000. TECNO and itel have that market on lockdown. Which is also why I am wondering why Huawei is not pushing their budget sub-brand, Honor, in Nigeria. That would seem more appropriate in a face-off of this sort. Much of Huawei’s conquering around the world in recent times has been from the Honor brand.

One thing is sure: it is a bad idea for any mobile brand to abandon Nigeria at this time. After the world is done with China and India, this is where the next big wave in mobile will happen. Lenovo/Motorola, I am looking at you now.

Do not forget to see our Huawei Nova 3i hands-on review, as well as other upcoming reviews of Huawei smartphones here on MobilityArena.

However it goes between Huawei and TECNO in Nigeria, there are exciting times ahead. Let’s hope this is not another flash-in-the-pan. We hope that this is Sparta!

Nigeria’s smartphone market could use the excitement of real competition.

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