Huawei may be one of the top smartphone brands in the world, but here in Nigeria, the brand perception is rather poor. I will use

Huawei needs to work on its brand perception in Nigeria

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Huawei may be one of the top smartphone brands in the world, but here in Nigeria, the brand perception is rather poor. I will use an example. Yesterday, the 6-inch Android Kitkat phablet, Huawei Ascend Mate7, was launched here in Lagos. It is powered by an octa-core processor, has USB-on-the-go, a 4100 mAh battery, and a fingerprint sensor, among other standard features we have come to expect from Android OS. It has a metal body and comes with a fitness band as accessory.


That is a drool-worthy flagship device. But have a look at the reaction that Jesse Oguns got when he mentioned to someone that the Mate 7 costs N89,900:

Honestly, at N89,900, the Ascend Mate7 is a steal when you compare it to the cost of similar phablets from competitors. It should be flying off the shelves, but very few people around here seem to care.

While Huawei has a very strong footing in the networks section in Nigeria, its public profile with regards to smartphones has been unimpressive. When was the last time you had a discussion about a Huawei smartphone with anyone? When last did you see one with anyone that was not a cheap low-end phone?

Huawei produces some really good smartphones. I remember my review time with the Huawei Honor 3C with fondness. The Honor 3C is a mid-range smartphone that packs a wallop. The Ascend Y220 is a sub-N10,000 smartphone, a great start for anyone on a budget or getting a smartphone for the first time.

In my opinion, Huawei have not done enough to change the poor public perception of their devices. We do not see enough of their devices. We do not hear about them either. That needs to change. If not, for the most part, mobile consumers will keep looking to other brands to have their needs met.


  1. Well said……….. The third time I heard that statement. (why should I pay that much for Huawei phone)

  2. Spot on, Mr. Mo.

    Huawei truly produces excellent phones.

    But its low brand equity in the Nigerian market is due to 2 things: lack of aggressive advertising and the difficult name pronunciation.

    The other day, I was with my boss on Osborne Road en route Ikoyi when he spotted an Huawei lamp post banner ad and quipped about how hard it is to pronounce the name.

    But the issue of low advertising is slowly changing now. Huawei has branded some buildings around Computer Village, like TECNO did few years ago.

    Also, Huawei has engaged a top-notch ad agency, 141, and they have been running nice creative ads in major Nigerian dailies.

    With time, and its relative affordability, Huawei should break even. It’s an irony that they are number 3 in global ranking (after Samsung and Apple) where inferior fellow Chinese brands like TECNO and Infinix are no where to be found.

    Huawei shouldn’t stop advertising. And they can also start sponsoring popular Nigerian events for brand visibility.

    By the way, the right way to pronounce Huawei is Wawei.

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