For regular readers of MOBILITY, I am known as Emmanuel, “The Android fanman boy”. If you are new to the blog, that is not far from

I Want an iPhone 5 – Emmagine

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For regular readers of MOBILITY, I am known as Emmanuel, “The Android fanman boy”. If you are new to the blog, that is not far from the truth. I love the power I get from Android devices along with the ability to pretty much tweak it to my satisfaction software wise.

A few months back I, an ardent hater of anything Blackberry, got a Blackberry device. My sanity was questioned, my loyalty in doubt and NCC threatened to ban me (just kidding). The same thing I said back then when I got the BlackBerry phone is the same thing that I’m going to say now:

I want to experience what it feels like in iSheep iOS territory.

Boy, did I get the said experience with the BlackBerry!! After seeing so many rotating clocks (when the Blackberry phone hangs), I now hate black clocks. It wasn’t all bad though. BlackBerry Messenger proved to be very useful along with the always-on social connectivity. But that aside, there wasn’t much that the BlackBerry phone did well.

For critics out there, you can call it all you want but for me to be a true mobilista, at least to myself barring everybody else, I want to have it known that I did not let my view of how little I think iOS/iPhone can do limit me to never actually using one. This does not mean I’m platform agnostic though. I still very much love Android and that love isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So in my quest, I have for one changed my mentality (a bit) as regards to actually thinking of using an iDevice. The next step is to actually get an iPhone 5, which on this side of the world still costs a ton. Anybody interested in  dashing/giving me one? 🙂

Ole! – Editor-in-Chief

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  1. I handle iPhones (4, 4S, 5) and ipads almost everyday. You wouldn’t believe how common they are here. My flatmates have them; my classmates have them; iPhones/iPads are the default phones/tablets I that stand out when you see a group of people. It’s kinda annoying.

    My classmates and flatmates also call me ‘the guy that hates Apple.’ *covers face*

    Well, I have no love for Apple devices, and I believe I have used little enough of them to realize that I can’t live with them as my primary device(s).

    For now, my eyes are on the forthcoming Blackberry Q10 and Sailfish OS.

  2. Torture? @Nelson please! The joy, ease, and ready made nature of the iPhone and awesome engineering is lovely. I can take my sit now*

  3. pls my dad just got his ipad4
    3g, how does he use it to
    make calls, he seems
    frustrated and i dont have an ipad

    The ipad 4 doesn’t make phone calls
    However the Samsung Galaxy Tab does. Sorry to say sha, maybe the frustration just started as he starts to discover simple things that an ipad can’t do that are functional on proper tablets.

  4. @iJesse

    As some one who is used to simplicity,
    Idevices are not easy for ME to use.
    I don’t want to start another iOS vs XXXXOS war here.

    To your tents O Israel 😀

  5. So Emmanuel is looking for iPhone offering – please mobleeters, contribute and put him out of his misery, lol 😀

    It wouldn’t surprise me if at some point someone dashes him at least a 4 or 4S to use.

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