There are many free image editing apps out there that give you basic results, but for the professional touch, you should use a professional photo editing service.

Looking Great: Why You Should Use a Professional Photo Editing Service

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I type, edit and publish over 90% of my blog articles on a mobile device, but for more professional use cases, a professional photo retouching service is the best way to take care of your image editing.

Because of the nature of my job as a blogger, an image editor is a must-have for me on my mobile devices. Sometimes, an image is too large for publishing and must be resized, or a section needs to be cropped to focus on a specific portion. There are times that I need to rotate, adjust contrast or fool around with the image in different ways.

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Note that I have access to at least two PCs. However, for the most part, I just cannot be bothered to boot up a PC and sit to do all these anymore. My mobiles handle the task conveniently, so why bother?

My first ever experience with image editing on a mobile device was with Nokia’s line-up of Symbian smartphones. The built-in image editors were so good that I never needed to look for a 3rd party app. I have since used image editors on iOS, Android, Maemo/MeeGo, and BlackBerry as well.

Years later and firmly entrenched in the Android operating system, my favourite image editing app is Photo Editor (you can download it HERE). It is so good that I eventually paid for the commercial version. Photo Editor get a lot done with it, but there are still limitations and when I need more professionally done jobs, its limitations show.

For anything beyond basic and medium level image editing jobs, the limitations of these apps become obvious, especially if you are not a trained graphics person. They can only do so much, unless you are a professional image editor. For magazine-grade photo editing, what you need is a professional photo retouching service.

Why You Should Use An Image Editing / Photo Retouching Service

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Professional photo retouching and editing services deliver higher grade images for a token. For as low as $10, you can have your portrait, wedding, product, real estate, consulting, and other professional photos edited and/or retouched for superior imaging.

One more thing that a photo retoruching service is excellent for is touching up old photos that have worn out over time. We all have that old, worn out family photo that was taken before digital imaging was a thing, and we want a digital copy.

professional photo retouching service

A professional photo editing service can do a marvellous job of correcting, beautifying, and restoring the quality of the photo after you have captured it with a digital camera.

Go through the available photo editing services available from Fix The Photo, and even send in a photo for a free quote. To start, click HERE.

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  1. We all have to edit images on our mobiles at one point or the other. My 9810 has a 5megapixel camera, so shots from it are heavy and need to be resized before I upload to social media sites or elsewhere. I also use the “photo editor ultimate free” its quite useful

  2. I’ve done mobile photo editing only on the N8.

    I usually snap pictures using the 3MP mode, but sometimes, I need to use the 9MP or the full 12MP. And the resulting pictures can be quite large (>4Mb). And it can be a hassle when sending such large files via bluetooth. So I use the Image Editor to resize/compress/crop the large pictures before I transfer them.

  3. The only phone I’ve done editing on is the Nokia E72 with the phone’s image editor. The one thing I disliked about it is that you couldn’t really adjust the height or width of the image you were cropping.

    I’ve never felt the need to edit any of the photos on my Android phone, though I can crop by changing the height and width of an image.

  4. I use the Nokia in built image editor for Symbian mostly when I need to add effects to a picture or when I want to set a pic as wall paper and need to adjust.

    On PC, i use Paint.

  5. I wasn’t into picture editing that much until recently. Took a friends picture and was curious about making her look more beautiful in the pic. Went to play store and downloaded picsplay, Photoshop express, colour touch and instagram. All these apps are great but my best is picsplay. I have used it to create not just effects but far reaching transformations that will wow those whose pictures I worked on. I have posted such pictures on social network sites and people were amazed at their new look.

    Though I have a pic resize app, the email app on the sgs2 automatically resizes pictures when sending them.

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