You are all aware of how damned good a job Samsung have done copying the iPhone over the years, but it is not just Samsung

Imitation is the best form of flattery – HTC's 8X unveiled

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You are all aware of how damned good a job Samsung have done copying the iPhone over the years, but it is not just Samsung that’s into the photocopy games these days. Apparently, taking a cue from the runaway success that Samsung has had, HTC are in too, and this time it is Nokia being aped.

You all know I love my HTC One X. What I have never said is the fact that it has been clear to me that HTC borrowed some design ideas from the Nokia N9 (and its Lumia cousins) for the One X. I kept quiet because, Hey it was just one device. But take a look at the new HTC Windows Phone flagship, the 8X, and tell me that it isn’t another imitation job.


Announced yesterday, the HTC 8X packs a 1.5 GHz, dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset, a 1280×720-pixel (342PPI) 4.3-inch, an 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video recording, NFC, and Beats Audio enhancement.

Well, the party just got more exciting.


  1. I’m not so sure that the two devices are very much alike except in the choice of the colour of the casings and of course the UI. But since both are Windows Phone devices, that eliminates the case of the UI.

    The only thing I see as close resemblance is that choice of colour.

  2. Seems Microsoft has passed a bill stating devices bearing its OS must come in colors other than the traditional black. Innovative :)???

    I agree with Harry, the 8x rear seems to be much more curvy than the Lumia, the color and UI is to blame for the resemblance. The 8x also comes bearing internal gifts- Beat Audio like the Sensation XE and XL

    PS: Heard d word Lumiacs recently I.e Phandroids, Isheeps, Lumiacs….is this recent or am I stale again?

  3. Definitely copied from inspired by the nokia lumia devices. Even apple borrowed a device cue from the nokia lumia in the latest iteration of the ipod nano.

  4. This may explain it: unlike Google, Microsoft gave strict hardware specifications/requirements to OEMs for WP8.

  5. The only thing the new range of HTC WP8 phones have in common with the Nokia Lumias is colour. That’s where the similarities end.

    Anyone who’s been following HTC or has used HTC phones will know these look like HTC phones with a bit of colour added. The design is pretty much the same or similar to predecessors albeit in a slimmer form. And it looks like they’ve taken on board previous criticisms regarding battery life.

    While some of you drool over the yellow Lumia 920, I’m looking at a Purple HTC 8S 🙂

  6. @noni,purple ke? Well, good enough they offer varieties. My wife loves the colour red. I will be looking out for that colour.

    I think you cannot really have so much difference in these phones anymore. That is about the shape that fits our hands. A touch screen bar. Either sharp or rounded corners. They can all come in this form. Let them sue themselves if they like.

  7. @ belushi – because my sister your wife is getting ione in my favourite colour, I have to get it in Purple so we don’t mix them up 🙂

    @Abimbola Sojimi – Last I heard they were officially looking to release last year’s WP7 phones in Nigeria. We shall see but I wouldn’t be surprised if WP8 devices come in through other sources. Left to Nokia I suspect it will come out way after it’s been released elsewhere.

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