The Impossible Project announces the Polaroid OneStep 2, the new instant camera

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A few years ago, camera company Polaroid stopped making instant film cameras. Shortly after that, the company stopped making its popular instant film. However, the Polaroid instant camera is officially back. Well, not the way it was before. The new Polaroid OneStep 2 is not made by Polaroid. Instead, it is made by the Impossible Project, which is the company that was created in the effort to preserve Polaroid’s film.

The first thing to know about the Polaroid OneStep 2 is that it is an instant camera, just like the Polaroids that have come before. It does not have a lot of modern-day technological features, other than the timer, flash, and the USB charging port. It shoots a pack of eight color or black and white I-type film. This is a concept that was started last year by the Impossible Project for its own instant camera, the I-1.Polaroid OneStep 2

This I-type film is also part of a new series of films to be released, alongside the new camera under the name of Polaroid Originals. There will also be films for cameras like the Polaroid SX-70, Spectra, and the original Polaroid OneStep, the Polaroid 600.

The Impossible Project has made this resurrection of the Polaroid instant camera its goal. When Polaroid announced it was abandoning its film on 2008, Impossible Project leased the company’s factory and bought the remaining equipment, reverse-engineered Polaroid’s instant, and sold it.

Early this year, the Impossible Project parent company bought the Polaroid brand, as well as the intellectual property. From this move, Polaroid Originals was born. Now, no one can say for sure if the Polaroid OneStep 2 will be worth all the hassle. However, the device has to be tried by the people before an opinion can be made. The Impossible Project’s I-1 instant camera does feel like a proper reflection of the Polaroid legacy. If the Polaroid OneStep 2 is good enough to compare to the I-1, it will have been a good move by the company.


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