Njorku.com gives users first hand access to job offers within Africa almost immediately after it’s posted online, increasing your chances of landing a job by

Increase your chances of getting a job by 70% with Njorku.com

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Njorku.com gives users first hand access to job offers within Africa almost immediately after it’s posted online, increasing your chances of landing a job by 70%.

Njorku.com – easy, FREE and less time consuming

Increase in internet penetration in the early 2,000’s within Africa has given rise to numerous job boards like jobberman.com, camerjob.com etc. These platforms have managed to alleviate ‘access to information dilemma’, while also creating a problem, as job seekers have the mammoth task of keeping track of all these job boards. This leads to delays in information transmission as job seekers get late access to job offer information, or the job offer sometimes wouldn’t be of any relevance.

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Njorku.com bridges this gap by developing internet robots to move around all these sites, gather relevant, up-to-date information and present them to job searchers. The company also delivers these information by email and SMS directly to job seekers with njorku.com accounts, giving them first hand knowledge advantage over their peers.

Setting up a njorku.com job seeker account is easy and FREE. With a presence in nine different African countries, job searchers on njorku.com have the liberty to choose where they wish to work and who they want to work for. Click here to begin.

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Njorku.com – Keyword based search enhanced with special filters

Like all search engines, njorku.com displays results based on keywords. This means job seekers wouldn’t need to scroll up and down the pages of job boards in search of job offers. All they need do is type in the keyword related to the job they’re looking for and get access to the jobs that are relevant to them. The simple and gorgeously designed homepage also comes with a series of filters to further reduce the time taken to search. These filters includes country, category, recent searches, popular searches, relevance and time of posting and date of posting.

Njorku.com – FREE access to multiple sources

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Unlike all job boards, njorku.com is a search engine. This means it gives job seekers access to a varied amount of information from several sources. Basically, if a job seeker can’t find a job on jobberman, she will definitely find it on some other job board. If the job seeker has no clue about the name of this job site, searching on njorku.com would be a simple solution. Njorku processes and delivers about 1.2 million job offers daily to it’s job seeker community, making it the leading online job search tool in Africa. Job seekers now have the possibility to easily apply to a any job they want to without even leaving their houses.

Njorku was recognised as the top 20 Most Innovative Startups in Africa by Forbes barely four months into its launch with the simplicity and ingenuity of the platform the main reason behind this distinction. Like all new products, the platform has some improvements to do. But it is worth applauding its N-factor contributing towards making the job and talent search in Africa easy, FREE and less time consuming.


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