Infinix Hot 2 gets built-in file manager

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We know that you love the Hot 2 as much as we do here at From your comments here, one of the biggest gripes about the phone has been the lack of a built-in file manager. Well, apparently, Infinix has been listening and they have rectified that.

infinix hot 2 file manager

There’s a new OTA software update available for the Infinix Hot 2, and it adds a file manager to the pre-installed apps on the phone. Do update your device and check for the icon.

PS: Shout out to Fred for the tip-off!


  1. That’s nice of them but then the most important thing is knowing when android M is coming on Hot2

  2. I have received the upgrade but each time I try to install the downloaded upgrade, I get “error” messages. please how do I go about it? I would love to get help

  3. Cool,seems Infinix is indeed customer centric with their way of response to issues raised by their customers,bigger battery and systems file manager..

  4. Hello Victory, not sure I know what the problem could be. Maybe you should try factory reset… Or try another Internet service… Or what are the specific error messages?

  5. It is either of the two, your phone’s rooted when you tried to update or you unrooted while also trying the same. Either way, you will not be able to update via OTA except you flash your ROM afresh.

  6. the X Club forum is an innovative feedback channel, and apparently one the company actually pays attention to

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