The Infinix Hot deserves all the hype its getting. The phone looks good, as it’s sampled in different colors. Most importantly, this device offers you

The Infinix Hot X507 Review: “La Classique” Budget Phone

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The Infinix Hot deserves all the hype its getting. The phone looks good, as it’s sampled in different colors. Most importantly, this device offers you great specs, and awesome features at a ridiculously cheap price. It ideally fits into the criteria of what a budget phone should feel and look like.

Infinix Hot

Here’s a quick run-down of specs:

  • SIM type: Micro-SIM/Dual SIM
  • Announced: November 2014
  • Dimension: 142.4 x 73.2 x 10.1 mm
  • Display: 5.0 inches, 854 x 480 pixels (240ppi)
  • Memory: 16GB, plus micro SD card slot
  • Camera: 5MP back with LED flash, 2.0MP front-facing
  • OS: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat
  • Chipset: Mediatek MT6582
  • CPU: Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
  • GPU: Mali-400 MP
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Radio: Yes (FM Recording)
  • Battery: 2000 mAh
  • Price: N13,400


  • Fully Partitioned internal storage. (A first in a budget device)
  • Very smooth and fluid performance
  • FM recording
  • Decent camera despite the cheap price


  • Front camera doesn’t cover a wide range
  • Average battery life

Hardware and Design:

This phone is made of plastic all round, unlike the Infinix Zero. We can’t fault that though, considering the price. The back cover is textured with a honeycomb design that offers a bit of friction for better grip. Same back cover comes in 5 colors: Yellow, Red Black, White, and Blue (Cyan), and they glow in the dark. The review unit we had was the black variant. At the top is the charging port and 3.5mm earphone jack. The right hand side features the Power and Volume buttons.

Software and Display:

This phone runs Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS modified to look more aesthetically pleasing. It was thrilling to realize that the 16 GB this phone shipped with was fully partitioned with the internal storage. This means that you can install as many apps as you want before experiencing the ‘low internal storage’ problem. Even if the error pops out, mere deleting of your media files will leave you free space. Kudos to Infinix for this!!

HOT Storage

The display of this device is just 854 x 480 pixels (same with the Gionee M2). From calculations the ppi is supposed to be about 195ppi, but Infinix states it as 240ppi. Fonts on this device are particularly large. This is not a problem; just an observation.


We have here a 5MP rear camera which doesn’t disappoint at all. The sensor takes in lots of detail especially in the day or in well lit areas. The LED flash also performs well and lights up dark scenes favorably. The camera has one cool feature called smart gesture. When enabled, all you have to do is wave your hand above the phone to take a picture without touching the screen. Cool stuff. smile emoticon

hand Gesture

In terms of image output, the front facing camera here is way better than what we saw on the Infinix Zero. Images here are clearer and sharper. However, it still has same the problem of covering only a narrow range. For example, three heads can’t fit comfortably into a selfie.


Music playback here is decent, considering the fact that it’s a mono speaker. The video playback was okay. We can’t blame the 854 x 480 pixel display, as this is a budget phone after all. The FM Radio has a recording feature that takes crystal clear recordings in .ogg format.

Hot FM recording

Network, Calls & Internet:

Here we have HSDPA+ support on both SIMS. 3G is also switchable on both SIM slots. Call clarity is very clear and comparable to what you get on a Blackberry. The browsing speed is super fast too and I realized the antennas are very sharp in network reception.


The Infinix Hot runs on a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, apps open smoothly. I tried out the pre-installed games (Assassin’s Creed, Danger Dash, The Avengers etc.) and they all played smoothly. You got no lags here. Multitasking is also what you should expect from a 1GB RAM Android. Here’s screenshots of the Antuntu Benchmark:

Hot Benchmark

Battery life:

With an accumulated total of 1 hour break, under normal usage, this baby lasted 9+ hours of normal use. Starting at 100% from 8:00am on 3G with 2 SIM cards installed, and brightness set on lowest, it had 5% charge left as at 5:45pm. If you need extra hours, then you’ll need a power bank along with this phone.


Sunlight readability is poor, but we can ignore this considering the price, as I’m yet to come across a smartphone in this price category that offers good sunlight legibility. There’s no backlight for the navigation buttons, so this can be a niggle in dark places for people who haven’t mastered the Android style of navigational system.

HOT Firewall

One remarkable feature on this phone is the in built Network Firewall App (you can find this in Settings). It’s used for picking which app or service that can have access to your mobile data and Wi-Fi. Under normal circumstances, we would have needed to root and install so-so app before this works.

Final Words:

In our reviews of the Infinix Zero, we acknowledged that Infinix has truly stepped up their game. They’ve gone farther with the Infinix Hot. It is truly remarkable what they have done with this device, and personally, I’m impressed with the phone.

The features and gimmicks they’ve compressed into this device offer more value than its cost price. The fact that Infinix addressed the not enough internal memory issue (a common issue with android budget phones) is a big plus.

In terms of value for money, this phone is a classic!! At this price range, there’s absolutely no competitor. It is a steal!! The Infinix Hot takes it all. Your noob girlfriend or younger one would be glad you gave them this as a gift.


  1. Infinix are really impressing me. the hardware they’re bundling into their budget devices is simply amazing. the removal of partitioning in the internal memory is the greatest selling point this phone has, that’s just great. the zero sold well, the hot will sell like pure water. might get one just for the fun of it

  2. Nice one chibex good reviews on this new infinix hot, but I would want to know if this Infinix hot has issues of overheating? Because thats one of the problems I have been having with infinix phones.

  3. Elroy, i’m still waiting for your review. reports from various sources say the phone has an overheating problem

  4. Sir for over 1 week period I used this phone continuously, I didn’t experience any overheating just the normal hotness that happens while pressing phone and charging.

  5. over heating, and the battery runs fast like my dead rabbit. #swifty. even my Gionee P2 that has 1700mah is better than this 2000mAh

  6. Hello Dear!

    To answer for your infinix hot x507 over heating issue, i’ll say yes. The phone does overheat, but does so only when you CHARGE & USE simultaneously. Which to an extent is normal.

    Secondly, you might also notice it while on 3G network. But never goes beyond 43-45 degrees Celsius.

    You can monitor the temperature using dubattery saver app to know when to allow it cool down.

    For a phone at that price with features as that, you should bear it with the few boxes you saved for your self.

    Uche Francis

  7. Strange this reports of “overheating”. All through the time we had the Hot, it didn’t overheat once. Yes; it got warm under intense usage, but never overheated.

  8. infinix hot x507 is a very wonderful phone but its only problem is the overheat. it doesn’t take time to overheat and start malfunctioning … I wanted to return mine but I exceeded the 7day return policy from my dealer advice .. if you are a heavy phone user don’t go for this device

  9. my own infinix is over heating what ways have you followed to solve your heating problem thank

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