Our Infinix Note 2 Review is here! Infinix released the original Hot Note in early 2015 and it caught on like hot cake. In late 2015,

Infinix Note 2 Review: the battery king gets a makeover

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Our Infinix Note 2 Review is here! Infinix released the original Hot Note in early 2015 and it caught on like hot cake. In late 2015, they hit the market with the Note 2. Here is a quick explanation of Infinix Mobility’s line up of devices:

  • Zero series: This is the flagship line, with the most powerful, the most premium, and their most expensive smartphones.
  • Note Series: This is where to look if you want the biggest displays and batteries. This is Infinix Mobility’s mid-range.
  • Hot Series: This is the budget segment, targeted at those on a budget.

Once you understand the above, you know what to expect of the Note 2 and not have unnecessary expectations. In brief, the Note 2 is a humongous beast with 6-inch display and a 4040 mAh battery. That is a good summary of the phone. This guy will keep going after many other smartphones have run out of juice. It is an enduring workhorse. Think of a cow used for plowing a field.

Check out full specifications HERE.

Infinix Note 2 review

Infinix Note 2 Review: In The Box
The Note 2 box has the phone itrself, a charging plug and a USB cable, along with some light documentation in it. There is no audio earpiece in there. Infinix Mobility’s officials told me that this was because the company is working on producing good quality headsets for users. Users had complained about the quality of previously bundled headsets and Infinix is rising up to the occasion. So, expect good quality headsets from Infinix to be bundled with future smartphones soon.


You can check out our Infinix Note 2 unboxing photos. Now, let us get o to the device itself and have a look at the most outstanding things about the Note 2.

Good, Minimalist Build and Looks
Infinix Note 2 review bottom edge
The Note series are not known for any pretenses to great design, but the Note 2 is a makeover of the original Note. It is just as much plastic as its predecessor, but looks much better. It feels better in the hand too. I like the way the wide display gives the phone a solid feel in the hand. And despite its size, it feels comfortable and light in the hand.

Big, Bright Display
You will love the display of the Infinix Note 2. It is big and bright. This means that watching videos, browsing websites and typing documents on this guy are pleasurable experiences. However, there is no scratch resistant glass on the display, but there is a bundled screen protector.

Because of the big display, Infinix implemented a one-handed mode, so you can use the phone with just one hand. If your hands are small, rejoice!

Very Good Battery Life
The Note 2 goes on and on. On a full charge, you do not have to worry about a full day out and about. And in extreme situations in which you really need to cut down on power consumption, Ultra Power mode is available. It can double whatever battery time you have left on the Note 2. In Ultra Power mode, data is turned off and you have access to only 6 basic apps: telephone, SMS, notes, calculator, sound recorder and clock.

Infinix Note 2 review

Fast Charge
What is the point of a huge battery if it takes hours to be topped up? The ote 2 solves that problem with Fast Charge. 15 minutes of charging gives you enough power for hours of usage. How much it charges and how long the charge lasts depends on what you have on and are using – Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, browsing, emails, etc. But you will appreciate the Fast Charge feature.

4G LTE for 2GB RAM Model
If you buy the 2GB RAM model of the Note 2, it is 4G LTE compliant, which mean that when networks like Intercellular, Ntel and MTN come on stream with their 4G services, you are ready to hop on. This review unit is the 1GB RAM version, so we were unable to test that..

Infinix Note 2 Review: The User Experience

infinix note 2 dropdown
XUI is what Infinix calls the user interface. It feels light and easy to use. The user interface is nice on the eyes and feels good to use. You can double tap to unlock the screen from standby. While the screen is locked, you can scribble alphabets to launch apps, e.g. “W” to launch WhatsApp. There’s the A-Z feature that displays your app drawer in a vertical alphabetical list.

However, as with all Note series, the emphasis is on long battery performance. That means you don’t get blazing speed or performance. It isn’t bad, but don’t expect Zero type of performance or speed.

If you understand benchmark figures, here they are:

  • AnTuTu: 37,076
  • Quadrant: 19,473


The Note 2 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop. Within two weeks of arrival, the phone received four minor software updates that bumped the XUI version from 1.N.0.4 to 1.N.1.1. Don’t worry about the details. What it means is that Infinix keeps fixing bugs and improving how the Note 2 works. Will the Note 2 get a software update to Android 6 Marshmallow? I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

The Camera
infinix note 2 camera
You are not getting a Note for its camera. If a camera is high up on your scale of preference and you want an Infinix smartphone, you should be thinking of a Zero. But the Note 2’s main camera does a good job too. The 13 megapixel snapper won’t make you regret using it to take those photos that you love to share on Instagram and Facebook. The front-facing camera is a 2 megapixel unit. There are much more capable selfie cameras in the market, but like I already said, the Note series is the wrong place to look for great selfies.

Audio, Music and Video
The Note 2 has no special music gimmicks. Google’s music player is in there and does a good job. The loudspeaker is sufficiently loud and the audio quality isn’t bad. As mentioned earlier, watching a video on the Note 2 is a beautiful experience, thanks to the big, bright display.

The Note 2 has only 16GB of internal storage. Even at that, the user doesn’t have access to more than about 10GB of storage space. Thankfully, there is a microSD card slot supporting cards of up to 64 GB. The Note 2 also works like a USB flash drive when plugged to your PC with a USB cable. Lastly, it supports USB-host, meaning that you can plug in a flash drive to it.

Infinix Note 2 Review: Conclusions

The Note 2 is a no-frills, nice-looking phablet. With a 6-inch display, it is big. It reminds me of BlackBerry Passport’s “Work Wide” slogan. No; it isn’t as wide as the Blackberry, but it does give you a wide screen that makes working and playing on it something that you look forward to. But the battery life is what is to die for. If that is all that you get the Note 2 for, you will have spent your N30,500 well.


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