Our Infinix Note 4 review is ready after weeks of using it. There was a lot of hype surrounding the Note 4 before its release.

Infinix Note 4 review

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Our Infinix Note 4 review is ready after weeks of using it. There was a lot of hype surrounding the Note 4 before its release. It isn’t quite as sexy as its twin brother, the Note 4 Pro, but that isn’t the issue. The question is, Does it live up to its own promises? Let’s find out.

Infinix Note 4 Review: Quick Pros And Cons

Before we dive into the review proper, starting with the major pros and cons of this device.

Infinix Note 4 review on desk (2)

Key Features Cons
Big and bright 5.7-inch display Feels fairly heavy in the hand
Dedicated memory card slot Some XOS bloatware and annoyances
It lets you peg network mode any way you like it No Glo 4G support
Very good battery life

Infinix Note 4 Review: Design

Infinix Note 4 review fingerprint home button
This is a big phone. If you are familiar with Infinix’s Note series, that should be no surprise. It has a big display and a big battery. So, for the most part, you can forget one-handed use. It is also fairly heavy and has some bulk. Perhaps it is the poly-carbonate shell responsible for some of that, but we think the Note 3 feels easier on the hand.

The volume keys and power button are on the right side of the phone. Below the display is a central hardware Home button with the fingerprint scanner embedded. Yes; front-mounted fingerprint sensors are the in-thing these days.

The Note 4 has two “loudspeaker” grills that sit astride the regular USB port at the bottom edge, while the 3.5 mm audio jack port sits at the top. Don’t get carried away by the grills though; they do not house stereo speakers.

The back of the phone is removable, though the battery is not. You will find two micro-SIM card slots and a dedicated micro-SD card slot underneath that cover.

Infinix Note 4 Review: Software

Infinix Note 4 review app drawer
The Note 4 runs Infinix’s custom UI, called XOS, this time cloaking Android 7 Nougat underneath. XOS is light and breezy and includes all sorts of nifty tools. Some include the ability to block numbers for calls and SMS. The drop-down menu also gives the user direct access to several useful features, including toggling ultra power mode, high performance mode, do not disturb, screen recording, cast and scrollshot, among others.

One nifty feature is that from time to time, you are notified of the power intensive apps on the phone.

XOS has a number of apps pre-installed though. These include: Ultra Power, XManager, XAccount, XClub, XHide and XWeather. While they may provide some utility, depending on your needs, none of them are uninstallable. In other words, bloat.

Phoenix is a new web browser by Infinix, and it is pre-installed on the Note 4. Our experience with it has been poor though. It keeps crashing and we have not been able to use it for any serious web browsing. Thankfully, Chrome is on the device too, and we turned to that for our browsing needs.

Infinix Note 4 Review: Network, Telephony

Telephony on the Infinix Note 4 is of good quality and the earpiece is loud enough. The phone supports all Nigerian 2G and 3G networks, as well as 4G LTE networks from MTN, Etisalat, Smile, and Ntel. Unfortunately, it does not support Glo’s band 28(700). It does also support Swift and Spectranet.

XOS lets the user can easily peg network mode to 4G only. There are also 3G only and 2G only modes. If it is your thing, you get to select what network you wish to use. If it isn’t, just select Auto mode and don’t worry about a thing.

The official specs sheet indicates that the Note 4 supports the two bands used by US GSM networks, so the phone is good for voice calls on that business trip to the United States.

Infinix Note 4 Review: Display and Multimedia

The Note 4’s 5.7-inch display is exactly what fans of big displays want. It is bright and sharp at 386 PPI. The 2.5D glass is smooth and nice. There is no mention of protective glass though.

The loudspeaker on the Note 4 is loud and offers fair audio quality. Coupled with the beautiful display, watching videos on the phone is a pleasant experience.

Infinix Note 4 Review: Photography

Infinix Note 4 review back
The Infinix Note 4 has a 13 megapixel rear camera with auto-focus and dual LED flash. On the front, it has an 8 megapixel unit for selfies.

The selfie camera does well but isn’t fantastic. Here is a sample indoor shot with flash:
Infinix Note 4 selfie camera

Here is another indoor shot with no flash:
Infinix Note 4 selfie camera noflash

The main camera captures acceptable levels of details. Here are two samples taken indoors in Normal mode:

Infinix Note 4 Review: Indoor Camera Shot Without Flash
Infinix Note 4 review main camera noflash

Infinix Note 4 Review: indoor Camera Shot With flash
Infinix Note 4 review main camera flash

In low light situations, both cameras struggle quite a bit and are not so accurate in colour reproduction. The phone makes up for it with a range of 9 pre-set filters. That way, you have more control over how your photographs turn out. They can be more vibrant or cooler or come out in monochrome. The playground is yours.

Infinix Note 4 Review: Multitasking/Performance

Infinix Note 4 review top
Infinix Note 4 review

The processor of the Note 4 is an octa-core 1.3 Ghz unit, coupled with 2 GB of RAM. In daily use, you will notice a small pause as you launch and switch between apps. That is expected, considering that the Note 4 has a big display and more pixels to push with that combination.

If you are interested, here are the benchmark results that the phone posted:

  • Geekbench 4: 623 Single-Core; 2672 Multi-Core
  • AnTuTu 6: 38,474

As you can see, those scores are not fantastic. But then, the Note series devices have never been big on raw performance. The display and battery are their strong points. But it is sort of sad that even the Note 3 got marginally better benchmark scores a year ago.

Infinix Note 4 Review: Battery life

With a 4,300 mAh battery, the Note 4 provides very solid battery life. And there is fast charging too that works with the included charger. You won’t be worrying about your phone draining fast of battery power. The Note 4 just keeps going.

Infinix Note 4 Review: Final Words

It has to be said: the Note 4 isn’t a very exciting smartphone, especially if you have used its predecessor, the Note 3. There isn’t much of an upgrade in here. Perhaps 4G LTE is the main upgrade feature from the Note 3, so if you need that feature or want Android 7, you should upgrade to the Note 4.

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  1. I’m currently using a note 4 and I do not think the camera is good as stated here. The front camera is great but rear isn’t at all

  2. The tough thing about 4G is that there are so many frequencies. Phones that support all frequencies in the country are costly and rare. That is why a little bit of research is important before you buy.

  3. Nice review. On wanting android 7, I learnt android 7 is already on note 3. Therefore wanting 4g might just be the only upgrade factor.

  4. I don’t think there is enough change worthy of an upgrade from the previous version..

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