Intel is not known for making smartphones and tablets, but an Intel foldable phone patent filing suggests that the chip maker may have something up

Don’t expect an Intel foldable phone despite the patent filing

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Intel is not known for making smartphones and tablets, but an Intel foldable phone patent filing suggests that the chip maker may have something up their sleeves.

While South Korea and China are busy making Android-based foldable phones powered by Google, Intel may be working on a foldable gadget that could reform Windows 10 tablets into smartphones.

Intel is worldwide processor giant. The company is popularly known for crafting reference designs that PC manufacturing companies use in creating final products powered by Intel’s chips. But it has not fared well in mobile, where it has been out-ranked by Qualcomm and Apple’s low-power ARM-based processors.

Intel Foldable Phone patent

This report about the company working on a foldable phone is based on the patent posted by the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) in 2017, titled “Electronic Device with Foldable Display Panels.”

This patent suggests that the gadget can be operated as a smartphone when completely folded and it is bezel-less with a full screen display.

Features of the Intel Foldable Phone

Its camera, receiver, and sensors are all located below the display. Because it can be folded twice, the device is a bit thicker than the conventional ones in the market.

The Intel foldable phone comes with three display parts when unfolded, each of its display section has 2 cameras each and that is 6 cameras in total.

It also comes with a stylus pen which can be slid into the middle of the device when completely folded, it’s possible the pen is magnetically held there.

It should be noted that a patent does not indicate the launch of a product in any way, but it is quite interesting that it suggests that Intel has been thinking about this innovation since about 2016 or earlier.

If you have been following the news here on MobilityArena, you already know that a number of companies are set to launch foldable smartphones this year. Samsung is in the lead with the Samsung Galaxy F which will be unveiled next month. Xiaomi has also teased a foldable phone which folds from the top and bottom. The Motorola RAZR V4 foldable phone is on the radar too. Lastly, we also expect Huawei foldable smartphone to support 5G.

We are sure that very soon, more mobile phone manufacturing companies will start unveiling similar models.

We actually do not expect Intel to start manufacturing a mobile devices soon. This patent will most likely serve as a means of generating chip orders from mobile manufacturers who are planning on producing a foldable mobile device. So, no; we are not actually expecting an Intel foldable phone in the market. You shouldn’t expect one either.

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