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Etisalat BlackBerry
Etisalat Nigeria has introduced their BlackBerry Complete plan, which gives subscribers access to: BBM, Internet Browsing, One web based email, BB email, Social networks, Instant Messaging & BB App World. There is no data cap i.e. unlimited downloads.

Subscribers to this plan also enjoy 20k/sec on calls any network in Nigeria. There is no access fee from the first minute.

This new plan is available for N1,500/month. To subscribe, dial *499*3#.

Weekly Option
BlackBerry® Complete Weekly Plan gives 7-day access to same services at the cost of N500.

Daily Option
BlackBerry® Complete Daily Plan gives 24-hour access to same services at the cost of N100.


  1. Just imagine! These guys are going places. The fake and falsely self claimed giants should better look and learn. Givers never lack. Yomi your site is too much.

  2. There is no data capi.e. unlimited downloads.

    that sounds like sweet music – the limitless data cap. Really really really?

  3. this is just too irresistible . . . Perhaps its time i got me a blackberry, just the unlimited data is enough for me! . . . Waiting for etisalat to do something for other smartphone users too.

  4. Glo started it ithis CoMonth package no EtiBaba has joined in. Now the big question now is, when is EmptyN going to join this train? Why are they so stingy?

  5. Glo started it with its CoMonth package now EtiBaba has joined in.the big question now is, when is EmptyN going to join this train? Why are they so stingy?

  6. Unlimited data cap? Hahaha!!! How much data does an average bb user need anyway? Then there is the legendary blackberry data compression.

    These guys are just being funny. MTN, now etisalat. All playing second fiddle to Glo network.

    That’s the way i see it o!!

  7. @gabriel mtn announced this same plan 2days ago or thereabout. The only diff is etisalat is unlimited downloads and mtn is limited to just 200Mb and mtn doesnt ve special call your choice.

  8. @deoladoctor
    not every bb users dnt knw how to use bandwith eg like me i do all my downloads with blackberry sometimes i use upto 3gb bandwith when i was use mtn biz coz i prefer it to downloading on pc and what etisalat just did shows that they mean business and i wnt wait to get back on the network when this glo expire

  9. Is unlimited actually unlimited, or does “fair usage policy” apply?
    Anyway, I might just be tempted by the “unlimited data” to finally join the blackberry band wagon.

  10. This is absolutely brilliant!! I have being using etisalat and their network stability is second to none. My BIS was due to expire this weekend so this is good news to me especially with the unlimited data cap and the 20k/sec is a good deal. 😉 Thank you etisalat gsm network of the year 2011.

  11. @Keweno: has your default browser and facebook being working lately? They apologised days ago for the shaky service but there are yet to fix it thus prompting me to move back to Glo come next month. Maybe when I’m back in 3G zone, I’ll join them again and take advantage of their unlimited downloads 🙂

  12. @Udegbunam Yeah my default browser has been working fine, no noticeable hitches. I rarely use the facebook app on my BlackBerry so I really don’t any info on that.

  13. I’m not impressed with out network providers and the attitude with other smartphone users aside BB. They just give the blackberry users everythin On a platter of gold!

  14. Does anybody know why the service providers don’t offer this to other smartphone users. I believe there must be a reason. No matter how illogical it may seem.
    I use a Nokia N8, and would not mind paying N1,500 monthly for “unlimited” data and calls to any Nigerian network at 20k/second.
    Please let the goodies go round.

  15. The reason networks give bb users unlimited data is because of bb compression service, that makes downloading data not strainious of the network providers.

  16. Etisalat is superbly the best network in 9ja right now, I must commend them on this BB Complete package, it is the best BB plan yet in 9ja. May I console other platform smartphone users, one thing U should know is that this BB lower cost data plans are made possible by RIM not neccesarily by the network providers, so u may wish to join BB band wagon now.

  17. As if unlimited data at lowest rates are not enough, they are even giving them calls to any network at 20kb.

    This is inviting, but I cant leave with 1 web based email account.

  18. Hey folks, is the 20k/s call rate to all networks 4 real? It’s not stated on their website – infact, this is the only website mentioning it. Thot it was meant only 4 the BB voice plan?!

  19. Pls can someone using this plan tell me if the data is truly UNLIMITED? I heard that the data maxs out at 3gb permonth. Pls has any of you downloaded or used data of over 3gb on this plan? I hope to use it for lots of video and audio streaming.

  20. Wow. Thanks alot Udegbunam Chukwudi. I shall download ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ when i get my bb. Etisalat is in trouble.

  21. I doff my hat for etisalat. They have just been and remained the best GSM network in nigeria. U will not understand this till you use etisalat.

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