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It appears that the much awaited update to Apple’s famous iOS Software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch appears almost set for launch as the last beta version (iOS 5 beta 8 ) is set to drop this Friday, 16th September (for developers only).

I have tried my hands on iOS 5 beta 7 which turned out to be quite buggy. Apple, as always, will definitely iron out all the glitches before its final release which is anticipated to be sometime in the next 3 weeks together with the rumoured iPhone 5 launch. I don’t know about you guys but Apple ‘fans’ around the world are already getting excited. (I know I can’t wait to get my hands-on review of the iPhone 5 here).

Among the over 200 new features that iOS 5 sports, my personal favourites are listed below:

1. Facetime over 3G

2. Nuance’s text-to-speech feature

3. New Notification Centre : The revamped notification style in iOS is a beauty to watch and a breeze to use.

4. Reminders App: This app comes with the ability to remind you to do something when you leave a certain location, or when you arrive at a destination.

5. iMessage App: Finally!!! My answer to all my friends asking for my BB pin. iMessage is Apple’s BBM style social messaging app. It’s exclusive to all iOS devices.

6. Twitter integration: With this new feature, you only have to login once for all your tweeting needs. You can tweet from almost anywhere in the iOS.

7. iReader in Safari: This feature, according to Apple, is just ‘phenomenal’. It gets rid of all the clutter in safari while reading webpages and sets the font size just right.

Let me know your thoughts.

What is your most anticipated feature in iOS 5?



  1. Not an Apple fan. Not even the fruit!

    app comes with the ability to remind you to do something when you leave a certain location, or when you arrive at a destination.
    Reminds me of Handy Profile / Best Profile on Symbian.

    I think OSes should restrict themselves to core functions-rather than implementing ‘ features’ easily provided by third party apss (just for the sake of being able to boast about ‘200 new features)…

    At the end of the day, most of those ‘new’ features would just be there to make_up the numbers..

  2. @Eye.Bee.Kay:

    Nice point you’ve there, but there’s going to be a lot of debate on deciding what the core functions of OSes these days should to be.

  3. @Eye.Bee.Kay:

    How will you react if you discover that your newly purchased smartphone cannot send or receive SMS or even make a phone call but rather require you to install some third party application to do these or lack calendar, phonebook, camera and media player application softwares etc.

    If we rely on the core functions mentioned on the first link, our phones will be almost useless out of the box.

  4. @Harry, I merely said OSes should address only core functions. I never said the makers of the OS can not liaise with third party appmakers – to put relevant software on their device.

    For instance, there are models of Nokia that come with OperaMini preinstalled (obviouslu superior to the stock Webkit outofthebox browser made by Nokia). Same can be done with other vital applications. The rest can be obtainedby the users from professional app developpers)

    By the way, have you noticed how lame most outofthebox apps are – compared to the professionally made ones by thirdparties?

  5. I personally agree with the fact that saying there are over 200 new features on the iOS5 is a glorious exaggeration.

    That said, it doesn’t make iOS5 any less of a big update. The Reminders app that @Eye.Bee.Kay rightly pointed out resembles the Handy profile on Symbian. I’m at least glad that I can enjoy the feature on my iphone with a much better user interface…

  6. Well, I’m an Apple-hater, but from what I’ve read about iOS5, it’s quite some good work from Apple. The features have made me open to purchasing a fairly used iPhone4 in the future.

    But as long as file storage mode, easy bluetooth transfers, and non-itunes usage is permitted, iOS remains far behind…

  7. @spacyzuma

    Agreed, those are glaring downsides of the iOS. But then, i feel its more of a safety mechanism against viruses and other malware programs. The file system is designed in such a way as to discourage their transfer through these means u mentioned (bluetooth, USB etc).

    It also is an ingenious marketing strategy by Apple due to the “exclusive” nature of their apps and installation procedures which ensures they maximize their profit. And that i must say is the sole purpose of any business enterprise.

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