iPad? A pen and a jotter will do it faster and with less stress

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Sometimes, technological advances are not ready for certain tasks and only make us less efficient at certain things. In those situations, we must recognise the humour. Picture this scenario that an old pal of mine described on Facebook today:

A few weeks ago in a Sunday service, I felt sorry for a lady who turned herself to a typist typing furiously on her iPad in order to jot down notes on the sermon. She couldn’t look up throughout the sermon as she was busy alternating between typing and opening bible verses on the iPad. I wanted to laugh. A pen and a jotter will do it faster and with less stress.

Yes; that’s right. A pen and jotter just makes better sense in a situation like this.


  1. If she had say, the Note 3, she would have done those tasks effortlessly. Just fire up the Action Memo with the S-pen and scribble away. Since the Action Memo overlays on the existing window, I find it very handy and useful in church and meetings. God forbid that I use a pen and a jotter in this day and age! What will I tell my kids (when they start arriving?)

  2. // Yes; that’s right. A pen and jotter just makes better sense in a situation like this.//

    Well, somebody just beat me to that. No; a pen and jotter will not necessarily do the job better.

    You merely need a good platform like Android with a keyboard app that supports swiping (remember no human writing with a pen can beat the speed record set by Swype..and more recently, the one set by the WP8.1 wannabe) , or, better still, you can simply record the sermon with your mobile device, and review at your latest inconvenience.

    Chikenah !

  3. Depends on the person. I am pretty fast typing on my phone and iPad mini. I also use the iPad to take notes during meetings and church services. I use Evernote, and can do regular touch typing with all fingers on d iPad, provided it’s propped up on a table, or use fewer fingers if I have to hold it. In order to switch to another app, like a bible, I just use 4 finger swipe gesture.
    It would probably be easier to do this with the note tab n stylus, but it’s not impossible, or particularly frustrating, especially if you’re already good at typing on a desktop.
    Plus, in using Evernote, my notes are synchronized across all my devices.

  4. Like Eye.Bee.Kay said, it’s only a question of using the right platform and the right combination of apps and taking notes will definitely be far more easier on a mobile device than a physical pen and paper. In fact in church, most people that write on pen and paper cannot compare me in speed of taking notes and even juggling opening of Bible too. I simply swipe down from the notification bar to select the Bible app and press back button when I’m done and the note app is still where I left off. I don’t need to go back to home screen or leave the note app at all. I can also leave the Bible app running without pressing the back button by simply swiping down from the notification bar again and selecting the note app. Also, when I need to insert a potion portion of the Bible in my not, it’s simply a breeze.

    My note app also makes things a lot easy by including basic formatting features like italics, bold, underline, strike through and bullets all easily accessible at the upper part of the app interface. Of course we know or have heard the power of swipe-typing input on Android. I use Google Keyboard which is great in this department and has some additional features that makes things a whole lot easier when typing.

  5. If she knows about Olive Bible Study App, she would not be stressed up.

    I both use it for my sermon notes as a pastor and for my sermon jottings as a listener.

    Also I have noticed of late that I have become better at typing than at writing. I attended a course sometimes ago and most people were asking if I could mail my lecture jottings to them, as I captured much more than all others.

    It therefore depends on the person, Mister Mo, and the resource in use

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