These iPhone XI and XI Max renders have a hideous triple camera

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We are having a look at renders of the iPhone Xi and XI Max. They show a triangular shaped triple camera arrangement at the back of both models, but it just doesn’t look elegeant enough to be Apple.

The general design lines of seen here are similar to that of the iPhone XS range. And sadly, that unsightly wide notch is still there at the top of the display. But the triple camera located at the back has a design that leaves us wondering if Apple has not lost its design mojo.

Apple iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max Renders

iPhone XI and XI Max with a Triangular Shaped Triple Camera arrangement
iPhone XI and XI Max with a Triangular Shaped Triple Camera arrangement

The XI and XI Max renders look like a pair of younger, less endowed, siblings to the Nokia 9 PureView.

iPhone XI black

If these renders are legitimate, the good news is that it is still early days and some changes may be made to the design.

iPhone XI perspective

But then, it just might be us. Perhaps others find the camera arrangement okay – or sexy, even. What is your take on it?



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  1. Well, I’m not a fan of iPhones. I’ve never been. And I’m sure I’ll never be.

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