Is HTC next on the block?

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It has been a very turbulent year for mobile manufacturers. Tomi Ahonen calls it the bloodbath. Already, two mobile manufacturers have been placed on the auction slab, and another seems set to go. HTC has been struggling for years and now rumours are that Lenovo, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, are in talks to explore buying the struggling brand. Recently, I mentioned HTC in my article, The 5 pillars of the mobile industry are either gone, going, or struggling.

Whether the rumours of talks with Lenovo are true or not, HTC certainly needs help and should get that help before things degenerate badly. Consider that Lenovo claims to sells more smartphones and tablets than computers – though they are the world’s largest PC maker, and you can begin to imagine their clout in the arena. HTC’s primary speciality is Android, the very same platform that Lenovo deploys for their smartphones and tablets. Earlier in the year, they also announced plans to enter the Nigerian market alongside exploring South Africa and Egypt.

In my opinion, a Lenovo acquisition of HTC sounds like a very good idea. A struggling company picked up by a strong and profitable one that is making the right moves.



  1. This tech world of the big fish swallowing severa smaller fishes will leave us with only big fishes around.

    not sure any ecosystem, natural or tech, can survive on the big, only, existing, thriving, fluorishing…

  2. That’s really mind-blowing; more smartphones than they sell PCs? The same Lenovo that sell more PCs than any other OEM? I must have been on Mars all this while. Now back and wide awake

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