Is Whatsapp stealing BBM features?

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Sometime this year, Facebook acquired Whatsapp and since then, we’ve noticed some radical changes on the app. First they introduced the hiding online status feature. Once turned off nobody sees your online status, and you don’t get to see the status of others. In the last few weeks, we’ve even noticed more features introduced to Whatsapp. This features have been on BBM for ages and it’s hard to argue that the guys behind Whatsapp aren’t stealing.


whatsapp vs bbm

Read Feature:

Whatsapp has just introduced a sign that tells you your messages has been read. The double check marks turn blue, and this feature can be switched on and off in the settings. BBM have had this eons ago, with messages showing D for delivered, and R for read.


“Is typing” feature:

If you’re observant, you’ll notice that on WhatsApp groups, when some is typing, it’ll be indicated, both on the conversation and contacts screens. It’s a handy feature but it was copied blatantly from BBM.

Is typing (1) Is typing (2)

Notice the “Is typing” feature .


Encryption of messages:

One of the selling points of BBM as a brand, has been secure messages and encrypted communication between sender and receiver. Whatsapp has just done this too with their recent implementation of end-to end encryption.


Whatsapp has been reported to be working on a VOIP calling feature. BBM and other IM apps have had this already.


Can we conclude Whatsapp is copying BBM features? Because they already have a strong user base therefore, incorporating similar BBM features would greatly affect the remaining die hards . Let’s watch and see.

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  1. Well, there is not.much you can do to differentiate yourself in the IM field without copying features from others.

    There are quite a few other features Whatsapp and others can copy from Telegram… like the self destruct messages.. ability to send any type of apps to your contact.

    Once Whatsapp implements those, the crown is theirs for to.keep… for keeps..

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