There is a huge amount of interest in the new Zzapo 720 phone, but wary prospective buyers are asking, “Is Zzapo Mobile a scam?” Mister Mobility weighs in and responds to your questions.

Is the Zzapo Mobile offer a scam?

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There is a huge amount of interest in the new Zzapo phone, thanks to its mouthwatering promo price. But wary prospective buyers are asking if the Zzapo 720 phone offer a scam. Mister Mobility weighs in and responds to your questions.

The MobilityArena team got another email this morning asking if Zzapo Mobile is a scam. It was a short email: “Hello. Please I want to confirm if the new Zzapo mobile is real and not scam. Please let me know.” My team and I have gotten several requests about this everywhere. Before now, we have received comments, telephone calls, text messages, and WhatsApp messages with the same question asked in different ways.

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I understand the doubts about the Zzapo 720 offer. There is a general rule that says if it sounds too good to be true, it is most likely not true. And the Zzapo phone deal sounds too good to be true. A smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage for ₦8,000 is an absolutely fantastic offer. There is also a Zzapo phone variant with 6GB RAM + 128GB storage version that the company says goes for a promo price of ₦9,000. They say it isn’t available yet though.

I have followed the development from the time the news first broke out till now, and I have issues with how it has been handled. I have refrained from making any public comments about the promo, but with everyone asking me for what I think, I have no choice but to say something.

First, I must say that I understand the concept of a limited time introductory offer of this sort. It is a great way to generate buzz and publicity for a new brand. And it works. Everyone is searching for information about the Zzapo 720 phone, or saying one thing or the other about it.

But there are bits and pieces of the offer that leaves me with more questions than answers. Zzapo says that the phone sells for ₦8,000 from now till Friday 6th of December and that it will be available at a price of ₦45,000 from Monday 9th.

But then, for a while, they left out the bit that the phone will not be available to those who pay that amount for another 21 days. That made me uncomfortable. I know someone who went to Zzapo’s Ikeja office to get the phone and it was only after getting there that she was told that she would get the phone after 21 days.

In the last 24 hours though, they have published news items on online publications [1] that state this clearly, but as at Tuesday, everyone who was paying was in the dark about that 21-day wait period. People assumed that they would pay and get their phones immediately. Leaving that bit of information out doesn’t look good.

is zzapo mobile a scam?
This is a sponsored “press photo” from a supposed Zzapo 720 launch event published on Linda Ikeji blog yesterday, 3rd Decemeber 2019

Next up, if the same phone will be available for ₦45,000 from Monday 9th of December, are those who pay ₦45,000 going to get it immediately or will they get a waiting period too? If they are getting it immediately, why make those who take advantage of the early bird promo wait 21 days? What is then the joy in being an early bird if someone else will get the phone before you?

To make it all the more confusing, Zzapo Mobile says the phone costs ₦108,000 originally. But if you pay ₦8,000 now, you can get it. And from next week, it will cost ₦45,000 till the end of 2019. It leaves everyone with more questions than answers.

Is Zzapo 720 phone a scam?

It is difficult to sit at my desk and call someone else’s operation a scam without any proof. It would be a stupid thing to do and I would be setting myself up for legal trouble.

A few things about this offer do not add up. The introductory promo price of ₦8,000 is rather low for a phone that supposedly originally costs ₦108,000. Even for a campaign that is meant to generate initial buzz for a new brand. But I have no access to the workings of their strategy.

I also do not know anyone at Zzapo Mobile. MobilityArena has published specs and info about the Zzapo 720 because it is our job to publish information about mobile phones.

Is Zzapo 720 a scam? I do not have adequate information to confirm that it is or to assure you that it is not. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it is just a poorly executed campaign. Should you buy it? I am also not in any position to tell you to buy or not to buy.

zzapo mobile selfie camera
Zzapo 720 panoramic camera; Is the Zzapo phone offer a scam?

But you cannot go wrong waiting till it is physically available for you to pick up, which means you will likely have to pay ₦108,000 for it (if we are to believe that price). And on this matter I can tell you for sure that the Zzapo 720 phone is definitely not worth that price. Zzapo has been silent about the processor in the phone, only saying it is Snapdragon. Which Snapdragon chipset? 450? 636? No-one has any idea.

In all, they have provided only sketchy specs so far. If you are trying to woo buyers with a promo, I would expect a disclosure of full specifications of the device in question.

There are super awesome smartphones in the market from known brands that have 6GB RAM and 128GB storage for less than that price. And with ₦70,000 or less, you can get great smartphones with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and great performance right now.

If you do buy the Zzapo phone, please do share your experience in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

January 2020 Update

People who paid a deposit for the phone are still yet to have it delivered to them. However, Paystack, the payment processor used by Zzapo, is now issuing refunds to depositors. A support email sent to a depositor on January 7th, 2020, “Kindly note that we are refunding all the customers that made payments to Zzapo and you should receive this within the next 15 working days.” Some depositors have receievd their refund already.

I am not aware that Zzapo Mobile has issued any official statement since the refunds by PayStack began.


  1. Sponsored publication on Linda Ikeji. LINK.


  1. your assertion about Zzapo are very correct and rightly so, they did not look like a business that is ready for the stage they put themselves. I am a testimony of their lackadaisical attitude. How do you explain the fact that i have ordered for some of their products and there is no acknowledgement of any sort, it leave room for suspicious. even if there is a delay in making the products available, the communication is important.

  2. Me, I’ve assumed the status of “siddon dey look” as said by the late chief Bola Ige. I won’t be surprised if those who had paid ₦8k and ₦9k eventually got their monies back. But just like you said, it’s too early to speculate.

  3. My thoughts was a scam, but I guess they are not when my order was not successful with 3 different bank cards. Zzappo may have like 3 to 5 phone to sell at that price and use that as a strategy to enter the market.

  4. Well, I personally think zzapo is a pure scam.

    If you check the website, you will see nothing on the site works apart from the account creation and payment page. I personally refused using the pay by debit card and opt for the pay by bank authenticating via OTP. Which took several tries before it finally went through after refusing to use card.

    After payment, I got a debit alert from my bank and from pay stack the payment processor they use since 10am of 2nd December. Till now 9:10pm of 4th December… I can’t find the phone in my order. Nothing to show I placed order for anything. Instead, it’s on pending order, showing me to pay or delete it.

    I contacted them via a whatsapp number I saw on their facebook page, after all the complains… The person simply replied “…its a website issues” since 10pm 3rd December.

    In any mobile launching… Other people will be in attendance, people in the tech industries will attend… And lot of pictures and videos would be displayed But in the case of zzapo… They weren’t even more than 8people that launched a brand that wants to compete in one of the largest mobile phone market in Africa.

    They only took the pictures in the space where the banner was… Nothing else… No other attendees…

    Going through the privacy policy, they ain’t a mobile phone maker, they are an e-commerce site that connect sellers to buyers. So how come they now make phones….

    There are also 2 website… One with a dot com extension and the other with a dot ng extension… Both looks like a website coded by a 15years old boy.

    Checking the information of the websites… The dot ng was registered in UK and the dot com as in US. Both site are to expire by 30th April come 2020.

    Someone posted their receipt on twitter, a receipt that has no address, no telephone number no company registration number.

  5. I paid 8k yesterday, still waiting for delivery, I will sue broda shaggi, it was him who advertise the phone on Instagram

  6. But actually is wrong with our standard organization? They cannot claim not to be aware of this phone launch and even seen at least a prototype of the device. That means anybody can just come to Nigeria and sell a product that may wipe off her citizens. I tried to order but wanted to make sure I get in touch with the whatsapp number on their website but no response for almost 2 days and their last seen wasn’t encouraging to a newly advertising product. I made immediate u-turn.

  7. you cant sue him because he was only acting on what is customer’s told him(that is his business) and he did not tell you to buy the phone by force and he didn’t make the phone ….he was only acting on his customers words…so no right to sue him

  8. what i can not do is making payment and wait for 21 days before i get my order, this is not right. there should be option for cash payment, with that there will be a little trust

  9. I paid 8k for this phone on the 5th of December…..and l later went online to see people comment and I was like…🙄

  10. Less than two weeks now. Let us wait and see what we happen. If we av already been told about the three weeks of waiting, der wudnt av bn any suspicious act.

  11. I know that a phone with this attribute cant cost this low because other phones with this same features cost not less than 50k so im waiting to see it first before approaching it

  12. Let’s just wait and see if what they said is true, that after the 21days we will get the phone. If not true Shaggi, Lindaikeji and ex BBN Jackie all of you MUST be sure because our own well known Nigerians can’t team up with a scammers to scam your fellow Nigerians NEVER. Is a promise that their properties will be sold to refund those that buy it and they will go in for it.

  13. I pay 23,997k for which is am ordering two phone and now is making it the last day that will make it 21days that I have waited for this phone and if I don’t see this phone by tomorrow somebody will know that am a juju man

  14. The first day I saw this, I said this is too good to be true. I don’t believe something like this would happen in Nigeria. That discount is just too much to be real.

  15. Who have got theirs. My sister and I almost did it. Then I took a second look at the site, and the whole idea and just changed my mind. Now my sister just got the hot 8 and rocking it, and I will get any of infinix, Samsung or redmi BTW the price of 54k range, this February. Its funny sha

  16. I paid 1k for their ear buds. Hope i get my money back.

    Our regulators are just incompetent.

  17. Mr Mo,

    Forget. Our street-smart, Nigerians are about the most gullible people to ever walk the earth and its as a result of blind greed.

    The offer made no sense at the scale they were offering it; period!

    Even if they did refund all, can you imagine how much they must have made off of having all that money for 30 days+

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