It Begins: South Korea outlaws uninstallable Android bloatware

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Android bloatware

Bloatware is software that is packed with features that are neither used nor wanted, and is therefore slow and/or occupying an excessive amount of memory or disk space. Many manufacturers and network operators pre-install such apps on their devices in a bid to differentiate. Sometimes, users just find those apps an annoyance and wish they could get rid of them, which is one of the reasons why people root their phones.

The South Korean government government has ruled that users must be offered an option to delete any pre-installed app from their device. For now, the new law is targeted at carrier bloatware only, but it is a good first step. Hopefully, soon, we will see a blanket law that applies to all pre-installed bloatware – even those from manufacturers. Of course, we can expect more countries to adopt this position with time and give users control.

Android smartphone users must be rejoicing now. I am looking at you, Joxy!

Source: South Korea outlaws uninstallable Android bloatware


  1. That’s a wonderful piece of news to start my week. Viva South Korea. Thumbs up to the Mo crew.

  2. A good start though Nigerians won’t benefit from this even if implemented internationally right now. Maybe with time it would be extended to hardware manufacturers as well and then we will begin to feel the benefits on this part of the planet.

  3. Yes, all the uninstall ablebloat that comes with phones, especially the Samsung Galaxies of this world, is annoying.

    This is good news for the Koreans, but it is inconsequential now, here in Nigeria.


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