John Chen has put the Berry back in the Black

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BlackBerry has announced its latest financials with very good news. From a loss of $148 million a year ago, the company has posted a profit of $28 million this time.

“Our financial viability is no longer in question. We’re now turning our attention to revenue stabilization,” BlackBerry CEO, John Chen was quoted by Reuters as saying.

The new CEO’s turn-around strategy seems to be paying off and the Canadian brand is looking to consolidate these gains through its new push of software solutions.


  1. This is one company I’m sentimental about, I like them without reasons never want to see them go the way of Nokia.

  2. this shows how good Chen and the new management team have been. they’ve had to make some hard decisions but they’ve managed to turn the ship around and they look to have put the worst behind them. didn’t think I’d say this anytime soon but BlackBerry Inc may yet survive

  3. Maybe the integration of android onto the os10 devices is one of the reasons they are doing so good

  4. @okechukwu. Surely one of the reason the fortune is turning around.Nobody is an island anymore in the world of tech.Cant you see that Apple too is trying to get off its cocoon.They are doing this in order to stay afloat.

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