John Legend’s voice is coming to Google Assistant

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Even if, like me, you are not very excited about using Google Assistant, you just might be having a rethink, if only to hear the voice of John Legend converse with you on your phone. Yes; John’s voice is coming to Google Assistant.

That means you can have regular conversations with one of the most golden popular voices on the planet.

You: Hello Google. What is traffic to work like this morning.

John Legend: You’ve got a green light. I’m ready to go right now!

As Google Assistant will also soon be able to call businesses for you, whenever you need to book a table at your favourite restaurant, the representative at the other end gets to hear John speak to her too on your behalf.

john legend google assistant voice

Let’s hope that people around the world do not go freaking out and passing out. Google, we will sue!

And lest we forget, a number of smartphones have joined Google’s Android beta programme. Those devices will also be getting Google Lens in their camera app. Those devices are from Nokia, OnePlus, Moto, Xiaomi and Sony.

Google is growing this empire. Pixel devices just got several sidekicks. Let’s just say this sounds like Google’s version of The Avengers.

For more details about what Android P is about and to get the beta software, see this Android P Beta article.


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