If you own multiple devices that need charging on a daily basis, how do you cope? Juggling multiple mobile devices has been a problem for

Juggling multiple mobile devices that need daily charging

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If you own multiple devices that need charging on a daily basis, how do you cope? Juggling multiple mobile devices has been a problem for me since forever. I own a handful and find it totally stressful. I spoke with an old friend of mine some days ago. He used to carry three smartphones on him. Then he got himself a smartwatch to replace one. That’s still three devices. Plus, chances are that he has a Bluetooth headset and power bank and mifi….. Ah.

Me? I find it very uncomfortable carrying around two smartphones at a time. Charging them every time there is an available wall socket is stressful too. When you add the other gadgets that need charging, we are looking at a whole new level of stress. Let’s have a look at my list of gadgets:

  1. smartphone
  2. power bank
  3. Bluetooth headset
  4. smartwatch
  5. mifi (mobile wireless hotspot)

That’s a list of just five items, and it gets stressful keeping them all charged up daily. In a typical scenario, I get back home from work after a day of using those toys and dash for the power extension box. My smartphone is priority, so that gets plugged in first. Sometimes, the second slot is a tussle between the power bank and the Bluetooth headset. Depending on how important the work I have to do immediately (on my laptop) is and the battery level of the mifi, I might just push it in ahead of those two.

juggling multiple mobile devices

The smartwatch? You know what? I stopped using it a long time ago. Perhaps a year ago. These days, I only charge it up and power it on for work purposes. Who has the energy to plug in a wrist watch to charge every day – sometimes multiple times a day?

How I Stopped Juggling Multiple Mobile Devices

I haven’t touched my power bank in two weeks. That isn’t because there has been an improvement in power supply. Having a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery on me has rendered the power bank useless. And in recent times, I have switched to using my smartphone as a hotspot, so the mifi is cooling off too. That reduces my pluggable load to just two devices – smartphone and headset.

That works for me. Sometimes, I get tired and just ignore the Bluetooth headset too. After all, we didn’t die in the days before mobile phones. If I am driving and a call comes in, I just ignore if I can’t find a place to pull over and take the call. Simple; right?

See how that went? These days, all I have to charge on most days is just my smartphone. Bliss. Maybe I can pull it off and ditch everything else. Maybe one gadget is really enough for all of my needs. Leave juggling for the pros. My friend is a real hero. I salute him.

What’s your story? Do you prefer a single device like I do or do you love carrying stuff around? How do you keep up juggling multiple mobile devices that need charging up every day?


  1. My brother it is really annoying charging multiple devices, I have to charge two phones a day despite the fact that I am using a phone with 4200mah battery, I have no idea why it keeps dying by the end of the day. The weird thing is that it is only on 3g. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Ulefone power (6050mah)

  2. I don’t ve such problem, my Oukitel K10000 phone keeps me going for days without need for charging

  3. I have a 5 port charger I plug my devices to. For now, it’s just my smartphone and mifi, light has been good I don’t even use the power bank.

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