Watch Kanye West unlock his iPhone, revealing his insecure password

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Kanye West unlocked his phone right in front of video cameras and gave away his password. A very easy password. A very dumb password.

So Kanye (or Ye, depending on what you prefer to call him) went visiting the President of the United States, Donald Trump, at the White House. Of course, there were TV cameras all over the place, including right behind his head.

In the course of the meeting, he pulled out his iPhone to show the president his designs for a plane that he wants Apple to build.

kanye west unlocks iPhone password

And right in the full glare of rolling video cameras, he unlocked his phone and revealed his password. It turned out that Kanye West is one of them. Watch the video below.

Kanye West At The White House

Here is the video of the incidence:

Come on, Kanye! 000000? Really? In 2018? Really?!

Almost unbelievable stuff.

Brief Note to Kanye

Dear Kanye, do change your password into something much more secure. If choosing a secure password is too much of a challenge, how about you use FaceID instead? And do be conscious of those cameras next time. Signed, for Management.

Brief Note to Everyone Else

The above advice is very much valid for everyone else who uses any basic password for their phones or other accounts. To be honest, you might as well not have a password in place at all.

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