When last did you clean up your device?

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Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We use our phones for various things work, emails, chats, media, music, gaming, and a host of other activities. Amongst all these, how do you take care of your phones? Just as our cars need frequent changing of oil and servicing, so does our mobile devices need frequent cleaning. Let’s look at the two basic ways of cleaning up our devices.

Clean Up Phone

Hardware Cleanup:
This is especially for those that use pouches, covers, leather cases and flips to protect their devices. Over time, dust and smudge accumulate in the corners and edges of these casings. This holiday period, take out time, remove this covers and clean up your device. You never know if this has been the cause of problems on your phone.

Software Cleanup:
Take out time to go through your phone and start deleting unnecessary junk, for Android users, install Clean Master and SD Maid. These apps will help you scan your phone and subsequently delete any extraneous file you do not need. Windows Phone users can install Aerize Explorer. With this app, you can navigate all the folders on your phone and delete any unwanted junk eating up your memory space.


  1. I do both cleaning frequently, i think I have a mild OCD when it comes cleaning junk on my phone.

    Our phones carry a lot of germs too, cleaning it regularly is a good habit, especially when you have small kids that nibble on the phone.

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