Leaked document proves Samsung wants to buy BlackBerry – Financial Post

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English Canadian business news house, The Financial Post, has reported that despite public denial by both firms, a leaked document proves that Samsung is actually making a move to acquire BlackBerry.

Samsung and BlackBerry

According t the Financial Post report, the deal is still being actively pursued. What do you think? Is Samsung on to something? Are we going to see a SamBerry some day?


  1. What exactly would Samsung benefit from taking on a dead brand like Blackberry? Hardware know-how? Software savoir-faire? A corpulent customer base? What?

    Na them sabi!

  2. The advanced technology, Paratek, QNX, Movirtue and over 41000 patents BlackBerry owns. Samsung only became popular because of its screen size, nothing special about it and they are losing market share just like BlackBerry did even though it was not intended for the general consumer. Now you know something.

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