If you want a smartphone that is not officially available in Nigeria, Habeeb Onawole is the person to call. He does it all the time. He shipped…

LeEco Cool1 Dual photos and first impressions

If you want a smartphone that is not officially available in Nigeria, Habeeb Onawole is the person to call. He does it all the time. He shipped in a LeEco Cool1 recently and stopped by at MobilityArena’s office in Ikeja so I can have a hands-on. As such, we have Habeeb to thank for the following LeEco Cool1 photos.


LeEco and CoolPad Together

In case you did not know before now, LeEco now owns majority shares in CoolPad. This makes LeEco one of the largest smartphone brands in the world. It is because of this shareholding that this device is co-branded with both. Now, let’s skip along merrily to the photos. That’s why you clicked through to this page, after all.

LeEco Cool1 Photos













LeEco Cool1 photos


LeEco Cool1 First Impressions

With a 5.5-inch display, the Cool1 is a big device, a phablet. But it is a beautiful, big device. It feels solid in the hand. And that 4050 mAh battery is just what the doctor ordered for our horrible power situation in Nigeria.

The phone is also 4G LTE compliant, supporting LTE bands for Smile, Ntel, MTN and Etisalat. Not bad at all.

I played a music track on it to test out the loudspeaker. Audio reproduction was loud but hollow. While not horrible, it isn’t superb quality. The bottom loudspeaker grilles give the impresion of being stereo speakers, but in reality are not.

I like the user interface though. LeEco skinned Android to produce a nice, breezy UI. There is no app drawer, similar to what Xiaomi’s MIUI offers. The Cool1 is my first experience with a LeEco or Coolpad device and I quite like it. There wasn’t enough time to try out the rear dual camera setup. Bummer, considering that is what the “Dual” in the device name is all about.

You can check out the rest of the LeEco Cool1 specifications.


PS: You can reach Habeeb as follows:

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  1. The problem with buying these kind of phones that have no support or spares in Nigeria is that if anything happens to it you are O.Y.O!!! i’ve been there with an Ainol tab…NOT GOOD

  2. Dammy, that is a very valid concern. After-sales support is often key. Still, some people want these models. So long as they are aware of what they are getting into, all good. Personally, I’d love to own the Cool1 myself…. My bank account disagrees though.

  3. I ve so many of these Chinko brands with me , Oukitel K10000 , Blackview A5 and Chuwi Hi8 tablet and no issue at all

  4. a beautiful device but as usual the black borders appeared again, Le Eco have not learn anything. the large black bezel borders seems to be their signature…

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