The Lenovo Vibe S1 is a tastefully crafted dual SIM Android flagship smartphone with an aluminium frame and glossy back. It oozes class all the way. There’s…

First 24 hours with the Lenovo Vibe S1

The Lenovo Vibe S1 is a tastefully crafted dual SIM Android flagship smartphone with an aluminium frame and glossy back. It oozes class all the way. There’s 32GB internal storage, 3GB of RAM and an octa-core 1.7 Ghz processor. At the rear is a 13 megapixel camera, but the really interesting stuff is in the front-facing camera. Cameras, I mean. It has two front-facing cameras which Lenovo says enables bokeh for selfies.


Lenovo Vibe S1 front

The Externals

This Vibe S1 is dope. With a 5-inch display, it fits into my sweet spot in size. Very handy and comfy when using with one hand. And it is extremely beautiful. And slippery. That glossy rear end is the culprit. The phone slipped off the table thrice yesterday. Thankfully, Lenovo included a transparent case in the box and I have secured my peace of mind by clothing the Vibe S1 with it.


Both the glossy back panel and the plastic case are fingerprint magnets though.

Lenovo Vibe S1 back


Software & Performance

The Vibe S1 shipped with Android 5 Lollipop. After powering it on for the first time and connecting it to the internet, there was a series of three updates waiting, including one for Android 6 Marshmallow. Update completed and phone rebooted, a pop-up mentioning an error about Android stopped working kept flashing. I followed steps to clear user data, restarted the phone, and the error pop-ups disappeared.

An octa-core 1.7 GHz CPU and 3GB of RAM sound adequate on paper. So, far in daily usage, I have no complaints yet. The Vibe S1 runs smooth.

Performance and Network Reception

The Vibe S1 handles 4G LTE like a champ. Network reception is even better than the Huawei (which hitherto held the Mobility Arena top spot for network reception). I’m using Ntel 4G now sitting comfortably on the couch. The Huawei GR3 would pick a stray signal every now on then on the couch but only held on to the weak Ntel signal when on the water dispenser in a particular corner of the room. All other 4G phones I have tested have performed even poorer than the GR3.

Lenovo Vibe S1 First Impressions

I like the Vibe S1 already. So, far, it has ticked all the right boxes for me. Let’s see how it goes using it for a few weeks and then I shall be back with my full review. Forgive the less than clear photos. I have had a hectic weekend and had to make do with these. Expect clearer photos in an upcoming Vibe S1 gallery article.

See the full specifications and price of the Lenovo Vibe S1.

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