An LG G6 fingerprint scanner issue is bad news

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The LG G6 is a flagship from 2017. It is a beautiful and capable device that is easy to love. You can have a look at our review here on MobilityArena. But users spread around the world are reporting having issues with the fingerprint scanner. This LG G6 fingerprint scanner issue is bad news for a very likeable phone.

We came to this knowledge because some weeks ago, the fingerprint scanner on our unit just suddenly stopped working. After a series of phone reboots and tinkering, we were no closer to a solution. Finally, we jumped on the Web to run a search. And we found out that we were not alone. Quite a number of LG G6 users were dealing with the same problem.

We also found that there are two categories of issues: one is software-based and the other is hardware-based.

Ours appears to be a hardware failure. When the fingerprint scanner stopped working, the fingerprint menu disappeared from the phone’s Settings. As mentioned earlier, we restarted the phone a few times but got no joy. The LG G6 fingerprint scanner wouldn’t work.

LG G6 fingerprint scanner issue

The LG G6 Fingerprint Scanner Issue Is Widespread

Finally, I ran an online search, and was I shocked to find complaints of the same issue littering the web. Ours was not the only unit with a fingerprint scanner that suddenly stopped working.

One source said, “I can’t see any fix for this when looking on any other sites, just seems to be a common problem that goes back to the G5 too”.

Sigh. That just sucks. The software issue goes away with a restart or a clearing of some caches and the like. But there appears to be no solution to the hardware failure issue besides getting a replacement device.

LG G6 rear dual cameras fingerprint sensor

You should read our LG G6 review. It is a glowing one, but this fingerprint scanner issue is a bad blow to a device that I had come to love. A smartphone that costs as much as the G6 should not be plagued by this sort of hardware issue.

The LG G6 fingerprint scanner issue seems to be more widespread than I initially thought.

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  1. This is definitely a bad news for such phone like that and a bad news for LG brand. I believe this is factory error and LG need to do something about it on time.

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