Skype Lite is optimized for slow network connections

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Lite apps are mobile applications that are designed to provide a smooth user experience for users of low-end smartphones and of slow network connections. You can read more on this in my article, Lite Apps: Why more developers are seeing the light. The battle for mobile will be won and lost at bottom of the pyramid is also a good read. The latest entrant to the lite apps club is Skype Lite.

Microsoft says that Skype Lite is optimized for 2G and unstable network connections, so you can stay connected with friends and family. It is designed to be lightweight, battery-friendly and to run smoothly on new and old Android mobile devices. In addition, it uses up less data for video calls.

Skype Lite ui

Just India Alone?

In an odd twist, Microsoft proclaims that Skype Lite is built for India. I wonder what the rationale for restricting it to one country is when there are many countries with similar user profiles as India. I checked for it in Play Store a few minutes ago and it didn’t show up in my search results. Oh, well.

Perhaps, availability will be extended to other countries over time. If you are in India and think you need this, go search for Skype Lite in Play Store on your smartphone. The app is available for Android OS.

Meanwhile In Nigeria….

While Nigerian telcos are campaigning to block WhatsApp and Skype calls, the rest of the world is moving on with these Over-The-Top technologies and services.

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