Our world is going global with the presence of internet, convalescent mobile tech and all other forms of advancements, providing ways of making life easier

Losing Storage Spaces

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Our world is going global with the presence of internet, convalescent mobile tech and all other forms of advancements, providing ways of making life easier for human kind. We at the user end consume more and more data progressively and this negatively enforces our needs for a larger storage space. I remember in late 2007 when my dad bought my official first phone. Before then, I’ve already used like 3 phones secretly hehehe 🙂 It was a Nokia 6230i with a 64MB MMC memory card. Life was good mehn.The space was enough for the music I downloaded, and the few I collected from friends. My pictures fitted in too and everything was just fine. Fast forward to 2014, I’m seriously looking for a 1TB external hard disk drive to contain my files. My laptop of 128GB is full,my external hard disk of same 128GB is almost full. I have 2- 8GB, and 1- 4GB memory cards all full Whew!!..

I sat and asked my self, “How did it get to this stage?”. It never used to be like this. Going down memory lane.

First, it started with my love for various genres of music. You download, you collect from friends and the collection keeps growing. Then we started throwing in pictures, videos, music videos, funny videos, document files,books and Opera Mini saved pages. At this stage, things were manageable a 2GB memory card was enough. The absolute glut started when I started liking digital copies of movies. I stopped buying and preferred to download and have digital copies ( this was the period my first laptop arrived). Movies ate up almost everything and also coupled with the fact that my music collection grew by the day. I got a 512MB memory card, further growth and I got a 1GB card, which grew to 2GB, 4 GB, 8GB, now 16GB isn’t still enough for me!! Whew!! Today, my digital library has grown so huge, over 1500 songs, countless movies, music videos, funny videos, tutorial videos, apps both for phones(of different OS’s) and PC etc. I finally concluded that the more you’re involved with technology, whether geek or not, your thirst for more storage space grows by the day.

On the other hand, take a time out and go through your digital library,you might just discover you’ve been storing plenty of junk or rather, files that are now less important. Doing this can help you recover some gigabytes of space. I know some people’s cases are worse than mine sha 😛

Now over to you, Are you also running out of storage space? what’s the minimum you can manage for a phone storage?

Have you ever gone through the files you already have?
Feel free to share your story if you’ve had similar experience.


  1. In My Personal Life,I Have Always Avoided Clutter And Redundancy. In Both Digital And Paper Storage, Only Essential Things Are Kept, So, The Problem Of Space Is Something I Have Never Really Had To Contend With.

    A Compulsion For Storing Digital Contents, Coupled With The Unfettered Access We Have Today, Would Always Result In Not Enough Space. The Internet Is Replete With Contents, So It Is Inevitable That The Most Commodious Storage Space Today Would Eventually Fill Up … If We Keep Downloading While Not Replacing Old Contents With The New, But Just Accumulating.

    With Ubiquitous Cheap (And Free) Cloud Services, A Solution For People Grappling With Perpetually Inadequate Space Is To Take Advantage Of All Those Gigantic Cloud Storage Spaces.

    Conclusively, We Need To Declutter Our Lives More… Keep Only What’s Necessary. It Is Madness To Keep Accumulating All Those Contents When You Can Almost Always Get Them From The Internet When You Need Them…

  2. Elroy, I know just how you feel. I’ve gone thrugh the same experience.

    I have a 1TB laptop that has less than 50Gb free space, and this is after I’ve moved a lot of stuff to my 1TB external HDD that will soon be full. I just ordered a 2TB HDD. 🙁

    Thank heavens for online storage. With Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, I have more than 60GB to store the more important of my data. Like vital document scans, important pictures, my music collection (more than 20GB).

    My external HDD is for storing files like videos, programs, and huge ISO files.

    All this despite the fact that I take great care to avoid duplicating my files. Every few weeks, I got through them to delete unwanted files, backup and sync the laptop and ExHDD, and maintain the online storage. *sigh*

    Well, I know my situation must be a wee bit better than some people. hehehe

    My la

  3. I remember when I first saw a 1 GB memory card and i was stunned because my 6600 came with a 32 MB SD and my 6230 with 128 MB (which at the time was absurdly large). fast forward 9 years and I have a 64 GB micro SD in my phone. as external memory devices get cheaper and media get larger we’ll continue to see this trend

  4. Used to be a junk collector too (yes you all are), after I lost two full hard drives (1TB & 500GB), and over 400GB of data on a laptop hard drive all in one go I thought I’d drop dead. well I didn’t! Do the metrics and try to convert all those bits to physical mass, think of how large a building will be filled with books (I had almost 40GB of PDF books), CD racks for your mp3s and movies. my point is this…all that content can’t be consumed in a single lifetime. personally I carried the habit from an era where internet connectivity was such a headache. now I can get content online and save data online. I love MS office 2013 cuz I can check up on my work anywhere, office, home, on the road on my lumia, let the contents remain in the cloud. my trimmed lifestyle is cool n I’m enjoying it. only PC games occupy space locally now. music, pictures, documents, even software all stay online. embrace the clouds!

  5. cloud storage isn’t really a viable alternative at this point. internet speeds and prices are not where they need to be yet. most of my data on my phone is music and pictures, those have to be local. I’m the go to guy for movies and tv series so my external HDDs are full of movies and series I’ve seen and would normally delete but I don’t. also academic and professional material folder is about 20 GB


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