Nokia has been souping up the imaging department of the Lumia line up since the garden of Eden. Had Nokia been around back in the

Lumia festival of cameras: Nokia Pro Cam, Nokia Smart Cam, and Smart Shoot

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Nokia has been souping up the imaging department of the Lumia line up since the garden of Eden. Had Nokia been around back in the day, we would have accurate evidence as to whether man started out as apes or not. But, I do get carried away. This is 2013. In addition to churning out great camera phones, Nokia have thrown a plethora of camera and image editing apps out there for the smartphone camera enthusiast. This article focuses on three camera apps developed by Nokia – Nokia Pro Cam, Nokia Smart Cam, and Smart Shoot. If you have found yourself confused about these apps, relax; you are in good company. I have been a bit confused too, and I know a handful of Lumia users who have their heads spinning and wondering what’s what. So, I decided to dig around and see if I can’t come up with information to help clarify things.

Nokia Pro Cam

Nokia Pro Cam is a powerful, top-line camera app for the flagship devices, Lumia 1020, Lumia 925/8, and Lumia 920. It works great in auto mode, but also gives you greater flexibility to manually tune your photos for the best shots. Play with exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus. You can rotate, scale and change the aspect ratios of your pictures. Here is the thing, if you don’t have any idea what those terms mean or do in a camera, I would say that you either use Nokia Pro Cam in auto mode or simply don’t bother installing it at all. The default Windows Phone camera app does just fine on your Lumia.

Simply put, Nokia Pro Cam is for the more professionally inclined user, someone who knows how to squeeze every drop of juice out of a camera.

Nokia Smart Cam

This app is available for all Lumia phones, but requires the Lumia Amber software update. Nokia Smart Camera shoots a sequence of photos, and lets you choose your Best Shot or combine the photos into one picture using the following features:

Motion Focus – add blur to emphasize motion
Action Shot – add a strobe effect to show action
Remove Moving Objects – remove unwanted objects
Change Faces – choose the best faces for great group shots

Apply an effect right away, or save the sequence to edit it later. When you’re done, share your pictures directly with friends.

Smart Shoot

Available for the entire Lumia line-up too. This app is almost exactly the same as Nokia Smart cam above. It lets you shoot five frames per picture, then choose your best shot, as well as remove people or objects from the picture. Like Smart Cam above, it also lets you share your pictures directly with friends via social media.

Don’t ask me why the duplication. I don’t know. But I am thinking that since the Amber update makes the Lumia devices Smart Cam ready, Smart Cam is the superior application. As such, I would recommend that you go with Nokia Smart Cam and not bother with Smart Shoot.

Wrapping Up

Also, note that Amber adds the ability to map the hardware camera button to either Pro Cam or Smart Cam, in addition to the option of the built-in camera app. Nice and convenient, if you ask me.
Lumia Camera button default app

Did I miss something and you have more information about these apps? Please share. Also feel free to share your experiences with using them.


  1. Apart from Pro Cam I’ve had and used the others. Didn’t quite like Smart Cam and found Smart Shoot a bit too annoying (that green circle thing).

    ProShot is this week’s Red Stripe Deal in the Windows Store, for those of us who don’t qualify for Pro Cam. I quite like it, almost like having dedicated DSLR functions on your phone.

    Maybe we should have a thread about some of the photos we’ve taken with our various cameras, Huaweis and HTCs inclusive, from low end to high end.

  2. Trying to install Nokia Smart Cam on my Lumia 720, I get:

    App not available

    This might be because your phone software needs to be updated [my software is Amber], the app is exclusive to a different mobile provider [Duh], or the app is not available in your country/region [Set to UK; really?].

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