For those who are worried about the availability of applications for maemo 5, on which the Nokia N900 runs, please be advised that downloads from

Maemo 5 passes 10 million downloads; Documents To Go Premium coming

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For those who are worried about the availability of applications for maemo 5, on which the Nokia N900 runs, please be advised that downloads from the Extras depositories alone has surpassed the 10,000,000 mark.

maemo downloads

Download counter reads 10,356,360 at the time of publishing this news item.

Note that there are other sources of apps for Maemo 5, and so the total figure of downloads for the platform must be significantly higher. There are around 300 items available from Extras, and in my experience they have just about all needs covered.

In a related development, DataViz has stated that Documents to Go Premium version is on its way to the N900 and will be available sometime after the ongoing updates.

docs to go

The available version of Documents to Go for Maemo 5 is a viewer only. The premium edition will bring full documents editing to the device. Unfortunately, DataViz does not accept orders from Nigeria. An alternative free editor, AbiWord, exists though and works fine for word processing tasks.


  1. Isn’t it the case that Documents to Go and other paid apps will start appearing from a rejigged Ovi Store due out on Thursday?

    I read Matthew Miller’s review of DtG for Android some time ago; it seemed a more comprehensive package than Quickoffice for Symbian. When you eventually get it, Yomi, I’d be interested in a DtG and Quickoffice AND Abiword/Gnumeric showdown.

    And when you get PR 1.2, please confirm you can get portrait mode in nearly any application by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R. Enjoy your new firmware. I envy you!

  2. Igho,

    Thanks. I am aware of news of a re-jigged Ovi Store but had no knowledge of a date when new apps would start showing up on it.

    There’s no QuickOffice for Maemo 5 yet, but I’ll be glad to do a comparison between Documents to Go and AbiWord, permitting that I find a way to purchase a Documents to Go license.


  3. Documents to go is also available for the iphone. Needless to say, it is a a comprehensive Document viewer/editor. Nevertheless, I still prefer the Quick Office Suite to the DTG. Well I think that it may also be the case for the N900. You will be the better judge after trying the two. But mind you, both will cost some money.

    @Yomi. And Um.. by the way, if DTG isn’t available for purchase in Nigeria, why don’t you get a Prepaid Credit card from the UK or US. One of your friends should be able to oblige you with this, that is after a refund, Ofcourse. Then you can absolutely purchase any app you wish to buy from that part of the world!

  4. I have always had the belief that Maemo will have very little problems of apps availability. This is because many of the apps already available on desktop Linux can easily be ported to the Maemo platform. The same has been done on the iPhone by the Cydia guys and others. It will be much easier porting to Maemo than porting to the iPhone.

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