Mobile devices provide the majority of the world’s 4.6 million mobile phone subscribers with their first and only access to the internet, according to Nokia

Majority of world accesses internet through a mobile

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Mobile devices provide the majority of the world’s 4.6 million mobile phone subscribers with their first and only access to the internet, according to Nokia chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Source

See also Tomi Ahonen’s article: Major milestone has passed, over half of internet access is now from mobile (says Nokia)

We told you mobile was the future; didn’t we?


  1. world’s 4.6 million(or is it BILLION) users u guys intended writing.pls make necessary correction if it is a mistake

  2. Surely mobile internet browsing shall take over from regular PC. Especially with several mobile browsers like Opera,Skyfire, UCweb ,Digia etc which have made browsing a sweet experience to behold on even the smallest mobile device. However, for your information OPERA 10 beta 3 is now out for download.So those with symbian 3rd and 5th edition phones can have fun!

  3. it was obvious wasn’t it? But why is it that when counting number of people connected to the internet it appears that mobile users are left out of the count? Check out the number of people said to be connected to the net in Nigeria and you’ll get a mediocre figure (eg CIA fact book). Why is this so? Is my observation wrong?

  4. Archie,it is a fact that despite the mobile web popularity their is still a digital divide between the africa and the rest of the world.Still in this country people dont know what their mobile devices can do.People still dont know they can have full time internet experience on their phones but that is fastly changing now with opera mini’s popularity and Nokia’s concentration on internet and nokia is more popular around here.

  5. We have a long way to go in this country, Do we have any official figure of those that access the internet on mobile in this country? Possibly in higher institution communities there are few that do, Most of the people that use the internet in the ”outside world” do not consider mobile browsing as option.

  6. @archie
    I think those that drew up the statistics are trying to mislead the world.
    Nigerian trend is much similar to the rest of the world. Mobile internet is far more popular here than desktop or laptop based internet. Thanks to the very affordable internet enabled phones now available to our youth. This trend will definitely continue to increase with the rise of so many social networking sites easily accessed by mobile web.

    The only obstacle i see is the habit of our carriers like MTN, ZAIN etc haphazardly blocking some mobile browsers’ access to the internet. The excuse is that few smart guys were hacking these browser to avoid paying for internet services. This, i think is not the right step to take as this action affects both hackers and legitimate users. It almost makes one to lose faith in reliable browses like Opera mini and UCweb. They should selectively block the hackers and leave the rest of us to enjoy our browsing experience because almost over 80% of those using the internet do so on their mobiles using these browsers only.

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